Star Wars Knights of the Fallen Empire Trailer E3 2015 Official Trailer (HD)

Star Wars Knights of the Fallen Empire Trailer E3 2015 Official Trailer (HD) [Star Wars The Old Republic]


Nick Davie says:

what are the characters names?

Dmitri Kozlowsky says:

It is very engaging. The rebellious son (white rook) has sacrificed, half his face, his left arm. Yet nothing was ever good enough for his old man. So he decided to take his father’s life and take his throne. The good son (black rook) had other thoughts. Perhaps he did not want to face more campaigns without resources of his father, his ‘old man’ , his commanding officer. So he sabotaged his brothers attempt at the last micro-second. The white rook was all boiling with ambition and blind with anger, so when he struck the fatal blow, he immidiatly regreted, but would do it again. At same time, he was the winner, there was no need to continue to let his brother suffer or suffer indignity of collapsing. The black rook showed his respect and gratitude to his brother, and fellow warrior. When black rook struck down his brother, he had at that moment proved himself, to his father. His father, the Emperor, wanted the more ruthless of the two to be his heir, and raised his sons in warfare to show him who was more ruthless, more ambitious. Emperor was not looking for sons to love , he was looking for apprentice to be chosen.

Dante Markovic says:

This could be a own movie…

Meep The Fox says:

im doing a playthrough of kotor 1 if it strikes anyones interest

HolyknightVader999 says:

This trailer does in 4 minutes what took TFA 2 hours to do. And it does a better job of explaining hatred for fathers and attempted patricide. I couldn’t understand why Kylo wanted to kill his dad for some Sith prick who would just abandon him once he’s used up. I can perfectly understand why Arcann wanted to decapitate his old man.

Enis Hyseni says:

Fuck PG13

twentyarms says:

Can anyone give me any details about this? Is there any connection between these people & the Jedi, or the republic? Pardon my ignorance. I know it takes place in the past, but I don’t really know more than that…

axeman 36 says:

I love these trailers.there better than the movies

Jack Cotterill says:

Wait, so how do the republic/empire characters fit into this? Have their factions been destroyed? How will my sith warrior fit into this?

Carlo Malimbag says:

what is the name of the twins

Max Boyden says:

At 2:20 his brother just looks at him like, “Damn, dude.”

The Rap Hub says:

can some one extract just valkorians (the fathers) voice, i want to make a motivational video out of it

Enzo Aguiar says:

Snoke? Is that you?

John Romeo says:

star wars movie must be written and directed only by Bioware

Nick says:

Ahh finally good modern star wars movie

Yvon-Sebastien Landais says:

Why do they have yellow lightsabers?

ashar jamali says:

Hell yeah this would be a fucking real movie

commando palidan says:


Colin Rose says:

With all those Jedi skillz, you’d think they could get themselves some hair on their head .. instead of walking around like shaved lambs with a $2 haircut out of the US army.

PeppaJackable says:

Why haven’t I heard anything else about this game? Did they cancel it or are they still working on it? I really want a GOOD Star Wars game and not some shit EA rip off like the Battlefront remake.

Cesar Hernandez says:

When does this take place? Before the prequels?

MantaRay94 says:

so the one in black was actually stronger but too nice? he defended his brother in white during the training lesson and he didnt get hurt during the war. So the one who turns evil was frustrated because he thought he was weak? Man, this jump up the throne was like: hey, fucking acknowledge me!! ^^

Diego Magana says:

These guys were slightly crazy. Their sister was just bat shit crazy.

Oh Lynxy Reyes says:

Can someone pls tell me the name of the brothers

Virus XYZ says:


victor villegas says:

is this a ps3 Game?

Tuniverse. dark says:

The dark side can lead you to do things u never knew was wrong til it is done

Andrew O'Malley says:

2:02 Darth Talon

DerHalbeEuro says:

I like it when Star Wars is dark, gritty and mature. The whole sith side is much more interesting to watch

Liamggbb 123 says:

Star wars should dabble in animated movies. Maybe recover some of the legends stuff they lost and make it canon. Like starkiller or revan. Great stories that could be brought to life with this type of animation.

dawnofworld says:

Star Wars: Knights of the Daddy issues

Enforged says:

Is it just me or would it be so cool to have a movie on a Sith Lord instead of another fucking Jedi.

Alex Ruiz says:

fuck you guys

Ridley369 says:

Since I’m at 65, the current cap, will any XP I get be saved for when the expansion launches, or is all XP I get til then just wasted?

King Wildfang says:

Why is it always that the father is the one that breaks the bond of 2 brothers?

Jacob Miles says:

Wait is this a game that’s gonna come out? Cuz it’s 2017 now

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