Star Marine Gameplay Trailer (Star Citizen FPS Module)

Get a look at the first-person shooter component of Star Citizen, the ambitious space combat game.

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Here’s 8 Minutes of Star Citizen’s Arena Commander

Star Citizen Prototype Multi-Cruise Ship Shown Off

This is What FPS Looks Like in Star Citizen

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jagerx says:

mmhm. except in actuality it is a clunky, laggy, glitchy, un-fun mess.

i cri evertim says:

If only I have the ability to punch people over the internet.

Sebastian Naaheim says:

with the comments i have seen, you guys do know what ALPHA means right ?

Art Nu says:

Oh please take my money $$$$$$ !!!

F Khan says:

infinity war looks good.

Khadann says:

How is that better than Eve Dust? Same dark coloring and sad guns

Comfy Couch Gaming says:

Now all it needs is animations that weren’t made in 2007.

Øivind Rosvold says:

Wouldn’t there be some kind of push back from firing bullets in zero g? Newton’s third law and all.

A1M AND F1R3 says:

i just need smooth animations dont focus on the graphics too much but i want this game on pc

Carltonfish hugami says:

@1:38 that face though lmao

오일준 says:

What is song name???

Ulrik Borg says:

It’s going to be sooo annoying to switch between the hotas and mouse+kbd over and over again. Quite sad this game didn’t turn into a 2016 version of Wing commander/Freelancer’ishy game. Heck, if it had, it might actually be released by now.

Andreas-Stavros Soultatos says:

If you are interested in this game use this code (STAR-5YTN-97DN), when you sign up to get 5k of ingame credits instead of just 1k.Or this link directly.

nichtsPersonliches says:

is there a bulletdrop from distance?
and if so – how does it change in zero-g


Star Marine plays and feels like a mixture between COD, BF, and Arma. I’m not sure where this “stiffness” business is coming from. Sure it lacks polish, but as a first iteration, Star Marine is phenomenal.

brbrd102 says:

I think people need to understand exactly what this is. It’s not meant to be a competition for other shooters and it’s not meant to be revolutionary. It’s an in-fiction arcade simulator. It’s not a standalone competitive fps game, it’s just a distraction from the real game. It’s like those minigames you could play on your phone in watchdogs. They were meant to be fun gamemodes you can jump in and out of. Treat Star marine as such, and suddenly it becomes a lot more enjoyable.

Tanned Man says:

If anyone would like to give it a try you can use my referral code upon registering to get $5 in-game $$ or to use on the Voyager Direct store. STAR-R4X7-ZRFY
Of course you can always sign up and not make the purchase until you are sure of making the pledge. At least you can secure your gametag.
See you all in the verse!

Dumb Comment says:

I could play it all day

Purrfect Blinky says:

This is one of the worst trailers I have seen so far… really bad cinematography :/ Look slike a fan project done by a single teenager to be honest.

Desmond Miles says:

is the controls like arma 3 wherein your character can look left right up down without the aim being fix on point of view?

Practiti0ner says:


黃宇豪 says:

and this is just a module to ensure gunfights in star citizen will work

WorldWar3gaming says:

Please don’t tell me this will be a multiplayer game.

Victor Gonzales says:

Star Citizen will never be on console. Period. It’s not going to happen. This game was built on the foundation of ONLY being on PC. It’s also a huge factor as to why [this] game is the most crowd funded game in history. Ya’ll can rationalize and whine about it. It won’t change a thing.

Smerk10999 says:

Looking at the comments people think the current “star marine” gameplay is what there FPS is going to end up being. This is the first iteration of “star marine” which means they just started actually work on the FPS part of SC, and knowing how the “area commander” worked out the FPS is bound to get a ton better.

They’re currently working on character injury animations, destructible environments, sliding, and taking items from other characters. They also haven’t even started working on the Medic mechanic’s.

There’s a ton more to be implemented that I didn’t mention that will influence the fps of the game. So just know this really isn’t what the end product for the fps part of SC. Hope you see that in the future.

Nhật Nguyên says:

anyone have the original soundtrack in the clip?

Braiven says:

247 console players dislike the trailer.

george lushey says:

To bad the games never coming out

GioLabex says:

another cod?

Cmoth040 says:

Star Citizen is not at full release. This is still an alpha build being released in steps to stress test the game and servers. For an alpha though, it’s still a lot of fun.

Rafael Carvalho e Lima says:

Watched some real gameplay of it, dont even looks better than any other F2P game out there. its awfully generic(truly generic).

But great music.

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