Star Citizen: Star Marine – FPS in Space! – Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 Star Marine Gameplay Highlights

Star Citizen has FINALLY been updated after some major delays with the Star Marine module which brings close quarters fps combat to Star Citizen. In this episode of Star Citizen I do some FPS gameplay checking out this new module and then just wander around the universe checking out some of the new things that have been introduced since we last played. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Star Citizen, thank you for watching and liking.

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sjaak verduijn says:

press v next time to heal that wil help you out! 😉

Davide Plaickner says:

i’m really impressed by the detail that they didn’t put sound in space combat

DiamondGaming says:

How much is it or is it free

Shinseph says:

…also hold F to leave chairs…and he probably killed you because you keep turning off his weapons and computer randomly…

algien0xx says:

“F*ck you Rick Sanchez”

Project27 says:

more star citizen please

BobTheBadass says:

OMFG this game is a combination of everything I love; space, spaceships, guns, hologram-HUDs etc.

GeneralZ says:

That Vladistarkov is wrecking you.

Quality Gamer says:

This is way better than call of duty. And it’s not because sledge hammer and treyarch f*cked it up. And so did campers. Definitely play this again.

Nick Fletcher says:

Star Citizen: Star Marine: Star Person: Star Commander: Star Man: Star Warrior: Star Star: The sequel

Ccoolian says:

Make a series

GMFreeman 065 says:

I completely forgot about this game..I remember seeing how amazing the graphics were a year or two ago and being like “wow, this is going to be the best game ever”, then forgot about it.

Ignas Vilda says:

that moment in space when u died a person killed u not a wall

Ignas Vilda says:

what does prone mean

FlobnationVlogs says:

I miss welcome back shitweeds. 🙁

Tyler Laminski says:

more ship combat

Ignas Vilda says:

his nick is dreaizzle

Jez says:

how do i get this game? or is it a special early access version that drae is playing

iBaxtter says:

Everyone can try this game or you need a key or something? Or it’s just for big youtubers, important gaming people blah blah blah?

Shinseph says:

Unfortunately latency is a huge problem in star marine right now…

Moshe Gold says:

star citizen should sue cod iw they are basically the same game just that sc has people playing the multiplayer XD

PlanetaryGaming says:

almost reminds me of planet side 2 but with it’s own take on it

TheLogical Lowdown says:

all i care about is if they can make these modules work together without actually just being a game with all these separate modules.

Zach Fawver says:

probably already been said. you do get two grenades and medical pens so you don’t bleed out. not sure keybinding

Johnny Blaze says:

Draegast can i get ur discord mine is SirRyuga234 #9843

Paul Barretto says:

Star Marine? But there is Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. :l

Chevyb2004 A says:

So basically a better version of infinite warfare

Shawn The Stryker says:

Who want’s more? I DO!!

Hunter D says:

How Canadian are cause u should be proud

Rogue Pigeon says:

If you guys want a free 5,000 UEC when you make your account, use the referral code STAR-SMQ2-L5HH when you buy the game (Enough for a nice weapon on your ship so not too bad).

Joseph Blakkk says:

why can’t consoles get shit like this lol

forrest sherwood says:

Shit man you’re one of those players that tell players fuck you when you kill them and when ever you die, you then call hacks

Useful Maniac says:

more star citezen

aldrin arradhi says:

so basically this game is Call Of Duty+No Man Sky+mmo

Wiseguy724 says:

This dude’s commentary gave me cancer.

Kelidoskoped37 says:


Jake perkins says:

M a s s e f f e c t

Rocky Jet Melendez says:

I want to buy SC but their website is so confusing as to what i need to get etc. Can anyone help me or explain it? thank you

Camcam Macca says:

I think I’m in love with this game

shawn meira says:

its nice they have the detail that the guns dont make noise in space

The Slicer says:


Ričardas Baika says:

Bare bone. Still bether than CoD

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