Star Citizen New FPS Gameplay Showcase Trailer

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Speedy Owl says:

The hype is real

Darth Cameltoe says:

It’s year 2317 November 3rd.
the fifth World War passed 78 years ago.
-Nissan gtr R34 still isn’t legal in the US.
-Mars wants it’s own independence.
-And Stars Citizen first ally got a release date offff: 2318 December 21st.

…wait sorry scratch that there’s gonna be another delay but feel free to donate to their GoFundMe

H Koizumi says:

Why does this looks like it was on controller?

TokenChineseGuy's Rare Music! says:

I like it! Reminds me of Crysis 2 with graphics mods!

Andrew says:

I really like the pistol sound

EpiKerCovers says:

What is this game?

VenJkE says:

Facepalm. This video is not a “FPS Gameplay Showcase Trailer”. This video is a tech demo of new eye stabilisation system. It system go to work in Alfa 2.6 patch.

S4 League Crowe22 says:

Wow this game is not bad =)

broms316 says:

It’s no mans sky’s good looking and successful sister.

silwerangel says:

lets just hope this wont be another no mans sky

tfdsjunbkkn dyudssiiikndsui says:

tell me ‘Do they bleed’??

Leon Belokopytov says:

Am I the only one bothered by the way the clip went in 0:20?

Im_So_Zoned says:

I’ve been following this game for a couple years now and never thought it would actually be finished and given a release date. Can’t even say how excited I am for when this game to come out, gameplay looks great and I can’t wait to do space pirate things.

D-Marv Barros says:

The Gunplay kind of reminds me of Crysis 2&3

ClassyCatalyst says:

What was that did you hear that!?!?!


Warlord says:

I heard something. I definitely heard something.

Chico Azevedo says:

Amazing! But where is the blood? 😛

4Gaming says:

Looks good!

Jackie Logan says:

OMG I love the gunplay design

Grim Reaper says:

Better than no mans sky

mario soto says:

I’m having a lot fun in the Alpha can’t wait for 3.0

Lesarivich 2 says:

I don’t have a PC since I’m a console player first and PC later but god damn does this looks fucking amazing. I’m definitely gonna buy this when I get a PC

SoundEssence says:

the motion blur just no 😐

Tom Riddler says:

Wow this game looks so good!

Ritchie Wynants says:

Am I the only one that is annoyed by the sparks from the bullets being square shaped?

Prince Dizzy says:

Scam citizen!

tony d says:

bottle shooting simulator

Random guy says:

Coming soon! (2020)

RightTrigger Gaming says:

What a pile of hot garbage. The gun fire sounds awful and if you notice the impact of shots on each npc is unrealistic. (They just rag doll) 0/10 no potential.

Roderick Bateman's says:

This guy really hates bottles.

Ben Jett says:

I assume this game is intended for murderous psychopaths, right?

Big Smoke says:

kys console gamers

El Grim says:

What’s that noise?

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