Star Citizen | FPS 5v5 Gameplay & Setup | Alpha 2.4 Bugs, Bants & All

There’s various gameplay of some FPS, team based shooter action around Port Olisar, Kareah and other locations around the mini-PU in Star Citizen. This is kind of a behind the scenes into how we get some of the footage but also a nod to the future, Star Citizen is getting MORE AND MORE gameplay, see the time skips for action!

0:00 – Setup & Banter
6:56 – Airlock Getting “Ready”
13:50 – FPS Action

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Apologies for any odd sounds and microphone noise the video is pretty RAW.

The idea here was for a 6v6 or 5v5 at Kareah. But you’ll see us messing around before we start.

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John Phillips says:

Looked so much fun, can’t wait for star marine

Robert Johnston says:

The were more players in that airlock than have played Line of Defense this year.

Ken Renshaw says:

“Ahhh no! Aw he must hacking!” That made me laugh for like 5 minutes, lol.

Greg Casperson says:

That was some funny stuff 😀

Kbomb123 says:


Tom B says:

please don’t eat while recording. or use push to talk

cool video though. can’t to see more

Daniel Liddicoat says:

Next time do battle royale

Bruno Amado says:


Szarkai says:

+BoredGamer MLG pro pistol kills.

SingleTrack66 says:

we should have gone to Iceland

Bloke LP says:

Looks like fun guys

Charles Balliet says:

So Bored did you vote in brexit?

angry try hard says:

That potato aim

Kbomb123 says:

That 1080 looks SOOOOO WORTH IT

Max Dyson says:

That was sweet

Em92 says:

AHHHHHH ahahahhaaha

…………fucking lol,

The current Star Citizen Alpha is more fun for *me* than any other completed game to date.

Almost as many bugs as the last battlefield too actually… almost.

Zgozel says:

hehe lol 🙂

madzoran says:

more of these videos.

allyghost85 says:

I look forward to joining you soon

ZwoJack says:

B-but it’s just a tech demo! *nervous laughter*

Bruce Chandler says:

that was a lot of fun to watch. Wish I could have been there with you.

Kbomb123 says:

Damn son!!!! Dem graphics tho!

C O N S T A N T V A R I A B L E S says:

Wait, how do you highlight other players @4:20?

Waaabbbiii says:

duke nukem quotes ftw

Kent says:

There can only be one white pilot suit, sorry Twerk!

Ed Log says:

bon appetit

yago says:

cool video haha

firewaver1 says:

i liked the battle but it took 14 min of talking that didnt contian any interesting information and the action was only like 2 minutes. i would like to see it the other way around

Sanjarih Jamshed says:

Great video as usual, but the overall fps gameplay doesn’t look smooth and coherent at all. CIG was right to not release Star Marine as gunplay, animations and netcode just looks bad. However, I do see the potential.

Adam Appolz says:

Nice video dude! Can you check out my latest Star Citizen video if you have time? Would really appreciate some feedback 😀

George Elliott says:

Bored, your laughing… Please turn it down! 😛

C O N S T A N T V A R I A B L E S says:

DAMN hackers :p

Nate1250 says:

Were you eating during this? Kinda gnarly dude.

Gabriel Araujo says:

In 6:03  the guy leaving the hornet do on an much faster animation, how he did that?


Speaking of spoilers THAT GoT FINALE THO!
Also, I did not realize how strange it is to see so many people in one place in Star Citizen, I can’t wait until that is an everyday thing 😀

Evolover says:

lol “ahhh no he must be hacking!”

Martin Dean says:


Rickbearcat says:

No offense, but the coordination on this was horrible. Twerks leadership wasn’t being followed by the others. Bored, why did you shoot and kill Twerk? I guess his leadership peeved you off?

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