Star Citizen – 2.6.1a 20 Minute PTU Gameplay 60 FPS!

The first wave of the 2.6.1 Ptu build
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Saiyan Spectrum says:

whats the difference? the update was 30gb in size.

Darius Gabriel Black says:

God damn that’s a beautiful game.

Sancho Pancho says:

hi man, you can call your computer’s characteristics?

zakblue says:

Game is looking amazing! Very relaxing to watch. Another reason for me to upgrade – I have a 3570k @ 4.0ghz with 16gb DDR3 and 290x GPU but can’t get anywhere near this performance. Ryzen 1700X with a 1080ti I recon will be the way!

Acolon77 says:

Good video of the same shit we’ve already seen:
1. Nice graphics – check.
2. Some dogfighting – check.
3. Shitty laser sounds – check.
4. Repair Array quests – check.
5. Ship Entering Bugs – check.

Nafri Isaug says:

I am assuming the 17 FPS I was getting has been repaired somewhat? Some said it was my PC which It can’t be because I switched from very high to low and the fps stayed the same. I gave an i5 and 970 with 16gb

albert zandvoort says:

How come it runs so smooth now? I remember it used to hickup all the time.

JuergenGDB says:

What are the best controllers to use?

Whamjack says:

How did you install your cars engine into your computer ??

mrvei says:

no extra bits to the PI mission??  patch notes say we get more from the PI mission lol

Pawel KPLXares says:

same old shit , nothing new…, pointless…

OmegaX says:

Can I play this?
I have an asus laptop Q534UXK
intel core i7-7500U CPU @ 2.90GHz
16 gb memory ram
64 bit operating system
2.25 terabyte harddrive
GeForce gtx 950m
    and if so? will I able to play this game?

Roger Diking says:

will they ever put back track ir support??????

noph noph says:

If anyone needs an extra 5000UEC when creating an account here’s a code STAR-R7SG-W5NF – SC website

Lyn's askatasuna says:

Hi new recruits, it would be great if you start your Star Citizen Adventure with my code when you enlist to the game for the first time. You will gain 5000 UEC (worth 5 USD) automatically that you can spend for your brand new ship,upgrates or clothing. I will be supported as well (with a so called recruiting point). Thanks for using my code, looking forward to see you at the VERSE!

Wayne72LEVRAI says:

You can share your custom cfg ? I hope the game servers have more FPS with the 2.6.1 because the FPS are stuck at 30 fps for me in 2.6.0 and don’t care of my settings, low or Hightest do the same fps and video card or processor are both not loaded at 100%.

matthunter565 says:

i was able to get 60 fps sometimes in PU in 2.6.0 so im wondering how much awesome 2.6.1 will be :O Sick!

YOU SSH says:

would you rather buy the hornet ghost or the cutlass black?

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