Spider-Man – E3 2016 Trailer | PS4

Here’s the E3 2016 trailer for Spider-Man.

© 2016 MARVEL © Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC. Developed by Insomniac Games

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ThatBoy Marcus says:

I’m just saying, and i don’t mean to burst anybody’s bubble hear. But what if this ends up being a game where the release date gets pushed back. Because that’s what i’m starting to think because they haven’t shown us any new content for the game or any new trailers or gameplay. That’s just my opinion, i really hope that doesn’t happen but it might.

rashik 01 says:


M Lutfi Okta Rofa says:

wait wait wait, the logo is white? what happened?

Tizona76 says:

Please be rated M

Davorian Ware says:

So Sasuke is voicing spiderman now

Mr. Fjordbak says:

please be good

DragonMaster 001 says:

0:46 Rip

ThatBoy Marcus says:

My main thing is what’s the storyline gonna be like. I wan’t like a preview or something at least.

Leafy ishwre says:

Can’t wait to Webb Sling on clouds again

1mrconjust says:

Sony typically releases one major PS4 exclusive each year, so I’d bet this is coming out next year

diogo carvalho says:


OldSchoolWalkthrough says:

do as many spiderman games as you want. spiderman 2 ps2 all day

kikiyoinuyasha says:

Oh my god this game is going to be amazing (I hope)

SushuDushuEX says:

How to make this game phenomenal: With the combat make it flow greatly to where it doesn’t get old and works great. Be able to fight in the air greatly like in web of shadows. The swinging needs to be easy to control along with being fast and fun. Make an original story. Make it a big city with a Spiderman that is proportional to it i like amazing spiderman 2. And don’t cramp a bunch of villains for the sake of being there they should have to do with the plot greatly.

Deristick HD says:

Imagine this on vr, I’d actually just buy vr just for this game.

Ultimate Predator says:

oh my gosh i cant wait i love spider man

Brittney msp! says:

When will it be avaible for everyone?

Explosão Heroica says:

Tomara que nesse jogo possamos escolher nosso futuro como do bem ou do mal e que possamos escolher entre ficar com Mary Jane ou com a Gata Negra!

Cracky's CrackerHut says:

When is this out

choloeseguay says:

I need this

TheQaisar1 says:

spdgr man

Gustavo G Carvalho says:

i hate plastation

sasa dragosavljevic says:

pleas call it spectaculer spider man

Jack Eaton says:

Ben 10

aaron aplin says:

Not gonna lie. Getting worried. They announced this like, June last year. Havent heard a word since. Hope there isnt problems.
But it could be that theyre just taking their time. They have no due date. Im just nervous! haha

Dale Wyngaard says:

looks good, but why do I get the feeling that every part I liked in that video might have been cinematic and not actual gameplay?

Rasul Soltabai says:

Oh man I’m probably gonna love this,I remember playing the ultimate spiderman,it’s still my favorite spiderman game out of all spiderman games there are,what’s yours?

Moses Nzanzu says:

Why only ps4?

Souvik Koiri says:

nicce video but where you find this video

Kanaganayagam Balakumaran says:

when is it coming out

pg says:


Umar Soto says:

when is it coming out?

Colonel Kill says:

If I can’t deliver pizzas in this game, there’s no point getting it.

Drmott says:

please please please please be like spiderman2 but way better please and dont be like the crappy amazing spiderman game

Alexander Mason says:

When are they releasing the game for Pete sake they said it would be in 2017 or February. Wtf it ain’t out. What’s taking so long?

Emma Andrews says:

I feel bad for pc and xbox gamers

Cartie King says:

Are they going to release more info or………..?

ThunderKnight 32 says:

I watch this everyday. The voice actor is the voice after of Ben 10 and Lok from Huntik. and it’s Spiderman! its like its made for me

Chilltrillgangtx says:

Please please release at least this summer!! Or now is cool

Chrono™ says:

This is only coming out on PS4, or will we see a PC release?

Flash says:

OMFG Can’t wait hype train TUTU

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