SPARROW RACING LEAGUE!! NEW Destiny Gameplay – FULL Race + Gear – PSX Early Access!! (PS4 1080p HD)

Destiny Sparrow Racing Gameplay – Sparrow Racing League Full Race + Gear, Loot, Sparrows, Armor, Record Book, and more!!

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Faith Dodd says:

Everyone I play with, love the sparrow races, and we all would like for it become a part of the game itself.

The Viper 595 says:

I’ve watched all your destiny videos you are really bad

Collin Martin says:

How do i get to the races?? I wanna try

The purple Onion gaming says:

Why can’t I race?Is it because of my Xbox 360?

Puglover2002 says:

Is this a all time thing or something that comes back from rite to time like iron banner

DryIceHawk says:

I wonder if I can just go and play it on my house of wolfs disk

SA GamingHD says:

hey ghost! congrats for 1.5 million subs!!!!! lets reach for 2 million !!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew Andrei Villamorel says:

when are u going to start playing just cause 3

Jelani Surpris says:

now destiny is straight fye

Dragmanguy getwrecked says:

Here’s a fact for ya, bungie is gonna milk destiny for 10 years or more, that’s right. Now i didn’t make this up go check out bungie design notes 😛

Nathan Gomez says:

I hit first all the time

Matthew Nguyen says:

You and fruit should battle in rocket league


Play Bloodborne old hunters

Anthony Alvarez says:

actually ghost, it does matter if you hit the gates, if you noticed whenever you miss one you slow down

Sparton 25081 says:

Third place got an exotic at 6:25

Jordan Royer says:

he got an exotic shader in the rewards!!!

CarbiesChronicles says:

people who dont play racing games are going to hate this… i think it sucks personally…

Joffre Adrian jaramillo says:

can you make more destiny videos you can do crucible, strikes, and raid from year one and two

Rohan K says:

What does hit mean?

Dragmanguy getwrecked says:

LOL people complain about a free dlc, yeah you need taken king :/ but if you heard this is not gonna be the last, bungie is working on dlc’s to sustain them for 10 years

Sapphira.k Claymore says:

ghost plz finish the walkthrough, it’s been boring. ┌(▀Ĺ̯ ▀-͠ )┐

Jax Kay says:

hey ghost you should play far cry primal its not out but people are playing it its looks amazing

Brett Hansen says:

can you do more destiny ghost

DirtyDanChicago says:

I want this to come back soooo bad.

Mr. Fruit Gaming Channel says:

Well played… That first match was so close haha

Joseph Morais says:

Ha lol

ShownSolid says:

What’s with the 99999+? Too much silver?

Mick Nolan says:

I’m just irritated that people just joining the game can get 320 helmets from a poorly implemented racing mode, when all I have after all my hard raids is a 309 helm. I also hate how people who have only played the story mode complain about the game, because they haven’t played the “actual game”. Story is just there to get you leveled up and give you a bit of backstory. The content is in the strikes, raids, grinding for good gear, trials of Osiris etc.

evano ucono says:

It’s funny because this isn’t even new, Bungie took it out before release (just like 95% of the game) to add back later.

Joseph Morais says:

Oh my gosh 99999999999999999+ silver dang

defpixel says:

So basically it’s Wipeout…-_-

Bex Andrews says:


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