SPACE RACE – Kerbal Space Program Gameplay

Things an astronaut hopes to never hear from her ground crew:

“What’s a fuselage?”
“Where’s this ‘space’ we’re going to?”
“I feel like 17 thrusters just isn’t enough.”
“Oh, I was supposed to TEST that?”
“Hang on, let me duct tape this decoupler on.”
“How much fuel do we need to just BARELY not blow up?”
“Nah, we don’t need the collision insurance.”
“Do we really need to plan for a return trip?”
“What’s the big deal? It’s just rocket science.”

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Yami Assassin Salazar says:

wish they would play this again

Tangy Pickle says:

I felt like a winner, that got me out of studying for 15 minutes and 9 seconds..

Hasson Rogers says:

ya’ll need to revisit this game…..its far different and i’m sure to laugh at you guys again lol

BasedGod says:

How can we see outside of the pen when survival has possession of our minds?

Andy Cameron says:

If Only They Discovered S.A.S

Anthony Quiles says:

I miss the holocaust wall

Truckasaurus Wrecks says:

This is what North Korea is like…

blackice2142 says:

cant stand that stupid cunt at the far left,

Martyr0ne says:

gotta wonder how u even get this job man…

Greg Giroux says:

No because a bunch of adults can’t figure out simple physics or aerodynamics

1-800-GET-PWNED ! says:

Funhaus, achievement hunter? Hm..I think there both pretty much the same to me…ha

Gavin Mudge says:

two ads in a row :c

Rhydian Snowden says:

This has been suggested to me for a while, but I’ve seen it so many times before XD GUESS IT’S TIME FOR A REWATCH,

iLOLZU says:


bryant burney says:

funhaus just sucking geoffs dick and michaels like “you guys are retarded”

Leonidas says:

Michael: Well it didn’t explode (right before rocket explodes)

JuicyCrazyDJ says:

Hey Lawrence by golden god do you mean like Ceelo at the Grammys ?

Red Spectre says:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Vendetta says:

XD Geoff’s attempts

Vendetta says:


cjtheseagull says:

They only need burner Joel Ryan and Gavin and this would bo the rooster teeth dream team

Ella Wing says:

First funhaus video I ever watched I was hooked from this moment on

Peef Rimgar says:

11:40 my sides were attached to those rockets .

zebra turkeyfish says:

I love Geoff

octane says:

is that a val kilmer from topgun manliest scene, guys playing beach volley n sweating?!

Greg Giroux says:

This is exactly why I feel the education system is an epic fail

ImTeeps says:

James is quite literally the funniest member on Funhaus. No doubt.

TheGamingBaconator says:

Spaec Suyip

Patrik333 says:

This makes me feel like I’m good at KSP.

Nighthawk says:

-“Captain O’Brien?”
-“Captain O’Brien, Captain Bashir,… does it really matter?”
-“Hell, we might not have ships, we might not have crew, but we have a lotta captains!”

Greta Gill says:

valintina is a girl

Yami Assassin Salazar says:

wish they would have done another gameplay. Love rewatching this video. Bruce just did the order in reverse which can be seen in the lower left corner when it happens.

Andrew Garcia says:

rewatched this after a year and i c ant believe how funny it is ohh my god.

Daniel Shaw says:

Let’s see more of this.

Loften Henderson says:

this is just hard to watch

Blackman Whitesuit says:

From Gavin on a podcast to kurtjmac back to roosterteeth and funahaus playing it together. Full circle.

Astro_ says:

did James just explain the FOIL method for factoring

ElectabyssGaming says:

This hurts my heart and spirt

Tmccreight25Gaming says:

As someone who has invested over a thousand hours into this game, this video hurts

Brandon Sailer says:


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