Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice Doctor Eggman Race Gameplay

In Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice, Doctor Eggman stages a race to show that Sonic isn’t the fastest in town.

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Terrance Young says:

why can’t we get a Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 2? that was the most recent Sonic game that was good

Senator Scrungus says:

Sports tape the hedgehog (donut steel) is back for an all new wacky random adventure!!!!
lawl ecksdee :DDDD

…well played Sega…

Winter Horizon says:

iOS Port? iPhone 7???

TheMysticCore says:

Sonic Rivals….set to very easy?

inFamousCompetiton says:

the child in me would love this


Like iphone 7/// ios port

DryAssChicken says:

What has Sonic become…..

OrphansCorpse says:

this is no more than a 99p mobile game

SHYGUY Chamo says:

oh god -__-….I thought this was the new real game…not ds bullshot

saturdays1000 says:

Sonic rivals 3?

Andrew Pham says:

…yeah, I think this game would be better off as an extended TV special instead.

Ayy Lmao says:

why does sanic have a scarf?

Kodie Russell says:

the ring sound effect is ear rapingly annoying

Leonardo Floresluna says:

The game is good

Elvastan says:

I thought they wouldn’t make another after sonic boom…

firebirdnewt says:

Sonic Boom needs to die

y'boi MEMSUSSARY says:

This whole thing just screams quality. Rest in peace the sonic the hedgehog franchise, you were better than mario until sonic boom. (Except 2006)

NocLcaelum22 says:

jjajjaa I love Sonic

Mr. Meeseeks says:

Geez another loony tunes reboot?

lexco Herrejon says:

Something smells very bad, what is it?
Oh p, is a dead sonic.

Peter Egan says:

“no fair. My eyes were closed because… loudness”

…I… I don’t… you closed your eyes because… it was… loud?

… what?

Keith Norris says:

just put the stuff full screen

Alejandro Hernandez says:

this game is trash

Phillip Kim says:

This game doesn’t look bad….

But it’s a SONIC BOOM game. What the hell, Sega?
Why make a sequel to the reincarnation of 06????

-Sir WESLEE- says:

It actually looks fun, but the race is way too easy

Abelardo Sotelo says:


ExtremeDXgamer 1256 says:


Surfiken says:

They should let Kazuma Kiryu be the new mascot for Sega. Sonic no longer deserves to be one for any longer since this franchise is in total ruins right now.

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