Soldier: 76 Gameplay Preview | Overwatch | 1080p HD, 60 FPS

For the best viewing experience, please watch in 1080p HD.

Old habits die hard for Soldier: 76 in this complete, unedited match from an early version of Overwatch, captured in 60 FPS on PC. Here, Soldier: 76 plays on the defending team in Hanamura, a Point Capture map set in an idyllic corner of Japan.

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Cody Sarazua says:

+Magaman Me Too

Crunkboy415 says:

That gun uses up it’s cartridges really quick.

hoa tran says:

overwatch nước ngoài có khác

Beezlbob Destraint says:

This just looks like a token CoD-style boring cutout to attract the MMS crowd. I’d be surprised if they manage to make it truly boring, though.

Advent3546 says:

9:46 Ahh! That was awesome!

André Lamy says:

Is he silver elo ?

Mewtwo-ber says:

It seems that reinhardt’s shield can prevent soilder: 76’s auto-lock.

Jimmy Spill Pinch Productions says:

i just uploaded a unique soldier 76 montage but it only came out in 720???does anyone know how i can render in a higher quality?

June Same says:

So much action!

The Naked Argonian says:

3:35 Top job.

Knight Of Hope says:

Truth is im just a soldier

Sociedade Nihilista says:

jesus christ, this seems really boring

Rosario Slagle says:

Soldier 76 is too serious.

PapergrassPlaysMC • ᵍᵃᵐᶤᶰᵍ • ᵍʳᵃᵖʰᶤᶜᶳ says:

Does Soldier: 76 have PTSD?

Rulio says:

i just can’t

Powerhouse Green says:

hey dad

the second coming of Qwilfish says:

5:20 Mercy leaves at the exact moment you need her damage boost. these Mercys ain’t loyal

AwesomeTV -Games & More! says:

Hey! look! its an….EDGY GRANDPA!!!

Honey Slayer says:

Ah, Call Of Duty generic soldier.

Jacob Powell says:

Im so obsessed with soldier 76s Gun.


Is this offline?

Huth Huth says:

my favorite character is mccree its high noon

Teemo says:

3:37 LOL

Uber The Scouts says:

How do you get this crosshair? I really want to know

Racermario says:

omg aim hax
reported lolololololol

وحش الصحراء says:

top 5 favorite: 1 reaper….2 mccree(sorry if i spelled it wrong :P) 3 pharah……4 tracer (its a love and hate relation ship between me and her lol) 5 still empty will the solider 76 fill it? start the video 😛

Jarek Gonzalez Bonilla says:

xd Minute 3:35

glencannondr says:

me after an hour playing

Waleska Hung says:

3:39 I love that it says you committed suicide

benjamart sriwattananon says:


rikki625 says:

At 4:27 there is a french voice…
( j’espère que je ne suis pas le seul français abonné à cette chaîne yt )

power medic says:

this why I like soldier 76 simple and well rounded abilities and skills.making him a great asset in any situation.downsize and weakness his doesn’t have any specialized weapons or abilities . And his ultimate is less impact compare to other ultimate

Riziq Khafi says:

Beer Man says:

soldier 76 aka for the COD players playstyle

Horscraft says:

76 is basically the safe choice for playing an attacker. He can hold his own while helping his team push or defend, is rather mobile and durable and can clean up fights with a well placed ult. Hes just a well rounded dude.

Uranium says:

I ve got you in my sight!!!!!!!

Remi Donna says:

my táta

Isaac Chin says:

76 feels like a mid-long range support. His rifle never lets him burst down anyone fast enough and losses acc the more the trigger is held down, rockets help him deal additional chip damage. healing station and shift are basically abilities that helps keeps 76’s presence in the battlefield. So I would play him as a chip damage (burst fire, rockets), self sustain (healing), support (shift lets you move around to help people, particularly good with a mid-long rang rifle). Seriously doe this guy is an assault class? This guy has no close range abilities or flash heals or nukes, not even the ulti, unlike macCree. To me his rifle would be the best thing about this class, small clip fast reload and high acc lets you dish out dmg against aggressive opps without putting yourself at risk, which would mean soldier 76 would be a suitable substitute for bastion (being a more versatile defender). So support/defender, no assualt, thats BS.

PizzaSkyAwsomeness aws says:

This game in 1080 looks amazing

Loki says:

Poor Pharah

ToxicalMr Duck says:

My favourites are soldier 76 Hanson and reaper

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