So many distractions | Depraved : Wild West city builder gameplay #4

The glorious new town of Failurewood isn’t all that glorious and I’m trying to work out why. There will be deaths. This is Depraved, the new wild west city builder out on July 20 on Steam.

Take a seat, grab a drink and sit back to the relaxing sound of plans being drawn then abandoned within minutes.

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SGT Ghost says:

Yes Cnl, we are back in the West

Blacka66er says:

Things learned today: bridges before pigfarms… very entertaining!

Ian B says:

If you give your citizens guns does it help them protect themselves from wolves etc?

Bad-Driver1 says:

Failurewood…the town that lives up to its name!

Curtis Rogers says:

lol Colonel You’ve been demoted to private, to funny.

Duck Pond says:

Excellent as always!

Blink Once says:

Great series.

Double E Show says:

Thankfully I haven’t encountered that water bug. Stiff up lip and chin up and all that. You shall overcome…

Orb505Gaming says:

OMG! Clem is dead! We can no longer hear, Clem Fandango!

Bjarne Nilsson says:

What us this?? Youtube has screwd with your thumbnail, it looked loke a train fever video, not thst I mind, just wanted to allert you

Knorrig the Pig says:

At least your housing shortage issue got resolved in those last few wolf-filled minutes…

Albert Paijmans says:

The part where Chill Bill is attacked by wolves is obvious because there are 2 more crosses of graves in that area

Nartur Arkano says:

I want to like, but then I feel like I’d be encouraging quite the wrong thing…. 🙁
Still, entertaining as usual.


Philip Bossy says:

Maybe the colder weather makes the river too cold for crossing? … or it’s part of the fun of playing an alpha.

ChavaShoshanah says:

Unarmed residents won’t autonomously defend against any attacker. You have to tell them to do that. They’re kinda stupid that way. Meanwhile, since you have neither mill nor bakery, why not sell your grain for the moola?

badejong says:

I do like your videos but this is one stupid game..

Hunter 4545 says:

Keep this going, good series

Simon Parker says:

I think you can view the next episode as presenting plenty of opportunities for growth. Room for new people and plenty of building to be done. Look on the bright side!

James Goudreau says:

Hire Little Red

Mark Mayfield says:

Funny, just as you said you needed a train station, the local Union Pacific coal hauler blew his horn here.

Martin Johansson says:

If you do keep going, I’d think a restart is in order.

Еремей Кудрявцев says:

What kind of train is that?

Desmond Blenio says:

ee-Hack! Then, in the fall of ’37 we had to swim building materials across the river. Town Council hadn’t approved the bridge yet. That was how I lost my thumb. Wolf bit it off.

Kamil Krupiński says:

Maybe it didn`t go terrificly well, but it went as expected. And that means something, no?

Vincent Shanks says:

lawl. Living up to the name once again. Well done! ♥

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