Slav Squats & Going Deaf – Squad Realistic FPS Gameplay

Gonzo and I just played a quick round of Squad to get Gonzo back into the game.. and yeah we had some Eargasms 😀

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vx zack xv says:


BlackCatTheGreat says:

“Fuckstrot” Oh you sherm and your native young effecting your accent.

Spin The Team Milance [G] says:

No cheeki breeki hardbass? 🙁

DoctorEris says:

Sherman have you tried to get the Regiment to get a few squad in…. uh…. squad?

BaBz says:

cheeki breeki mini tsar bomba launcher

Chris Chrisserson says:

That beginning.. LOL

OreoPowah says:

2:00, Most epic thing I’ve ever seen.

momo 12320 says:


Bailey Hunter says:

+theshermanator haha a short vid hahaha u so funny also u have a piano a tuna fish and a bucket of glue what can u dot to them piano that u can’t do to a fish but what about the glue

Forever a loner says:

Tracksuit wearing, Cheeki Breeki slavs? Better watch out for bloodsuckers in the woods!

Sherman By says:


Eiden Pierce says:

Did i misheard, or there was a Cyanide(he was talking on the radio)? From SovietWomble clan (forgot its name)

Josh Taro says:

I guess if you want the Militia vs Russia fights to be less depressing you could think of it as Stalkers fighting military.

JuhanRoss says:

This sounds like some best arma sound mods. Not lying about eargasms

Jacob Robinson says:

Sherm, for full Cheeki Breeki you also need vodka and shashlik!

Peter blackburn says:

this game is amazing,the guns,sounds……

indian guy says:

hey sherman battle ship is on there way to war thunder can u please make video on it .

StarGamerEst says:

What happened to Red Dawn?

Gabe De Young says:

Just started watching today, I absolutely love ur content, definetly gonna watch u for the next 6 hours

Jan Holub says:

They are Chechens mate.

nilloc93 says:

the militia faction are based off of Chechen resistance FYI

Rost Melikov says:

Oh man, salut from Russia! Thank u for your videos) so funny

Handir says:

This was quite entertaining, but I can’t remember the A-Team being blown to bits.
P.S. Does being a Grenadier make you “The Slavinator”? 😀

Trippbennett01 says:

I wish my squad ran this well

MikeWolf_YT says:

Haha nice video

5Y5T3N says:

im so glad v7 has finally dropped!! idgaf about glitches n crashing its just been amazing!! thanks for the footage Sherm!!

_Sparkie_ says:

Very pixel much intro

Dustin Williams says:

MORE…OF…THESE! Your Arma videos were my fav, but these have won my heart. You guys should deff do more

Tummus12 says:

Hey Sherman, I was wondering if there was anywhere that I could find out your PC specs? It seems like you’re running squad fairly well.

HardBass Adidas says:

Cheeki Breeki

Nick Mason says:

Будале америчке, нисте нормални

Afnan Zahran says:

My opinion on realistic war shooter is probably blind firing,yea why not.Tracers firing all over the place and hit nothing

Red Deimon says:


Blue Wriver says:


Sean Van Der Kooij says:

How many People can Play in 1 Match??

Tadas Rudys says:


Alex Сheremisin says:

The militia looks way to russian to be Ukrainian (not butthurting just speculating)

Robby Lammert says:

The milita are Chechens not the Ukrainian

Christian Feola says:

Is this player vs players

Omri Elinav says:

The scout class is pretty dank

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