Skylanders Imaginators – Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 57 – This Race Is Crazy!

This is the 57th episode of Skylanders! Imaginators! This time we battle a bunch of Bosses in the Racing Mode for Imaginators!

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Thank you for Watching, hope you enjoyed!

Hope you guys enjoy our dive into the wonderful world of Skylanders Imaginators and I am looking forward to seeing what adventure lies ahead.

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TheDiamond Destroyer says:

at 7:39 did anyone else hear someone say f@## off?

Sheelagh Killey says:

play as tri tip

Parker Sanders says:

Can we not races next time


The map you raced on first was actually a chapter in skylanders swap force but not with the racing racing was not in skylanders until the game that had racing skylander superchargers

Jovic Patrick Javellana says:


Derrick Junior Allison says:

Blits why u stop playing 2k17 carrra mode

Kapo! says:

Play as chopscotch (:

ashala headlam says:

next makea ninga

Auston clark says:

Blitz I have a question can you play as super charge character on skylander imaginators.

Ashleigh Shortridge says:

You got hit by the coral!!

Faze D says:


poisonedkandy says:

Did you know that sharks are dinosaurs?

Dustin Woodral says:

you can do this

Lëfūkïėñbøî says:

You should play as giants. Me as I stopped playing at giants I have all of the original spyros adventure sky landers except rock ones. So plz play as a giant :p

Sam Owen says:

Did you know that you can get boom bloom from toys r us

Razer Scream says:

i stayed awake 🙂

Susan Ransone says:

Can you make a Santa Skylander for Christmas

Mudkip Jr says:

plz sub too me

killer machine says:

visit in mychanel and subscribe

Didi Hinicleks MC says:

plz play tomorow with gilgraunth

Drew Brady says:

Cool dinorang

Michael Collins says:

0:11 dino rang is not an imanigator he is my favraite skylander of all time the 11th skylander ever and beyond he is super powerful and awesome

The SorcererSupreme says:

What happened to the Lego Dimensions LBA, like if you agree

Michael Collins says:

you are wasting dino rangs talent and if you are going to do such a thing I call dibs on the figure


Dino rang was actually in spyro’s adventure

salma affan says:

i love your racing vidios Blitz

United clasher says:

dino rang is my favorite yes

Study to The Fun Max says:

make an imaginator with a cyclops head, superhero body, arms with crocodiles as hands, samurai legs, and one eyed tail. ninja class

Russell Herringshae says:

Get enchanted elven forest adventure pack with boom bloom and extension level

Taya80x says:

Hi, I am watching late at night when this video cam out!

DJMartin Stuff says:


ibrahimmia mustacali says:

176 views in about 12min

salma affan says:

make a super sayen goku please

Raj Tatavarthi says:

In the sea race you hit the ground and the boost pads give you more seed lets you use your special attack

Lara Evans says:

26 th I love your channel blizwinger your the best

ashala headlam says:

sorry i am not good at spelling

ibrahimmia mustacali says:

176 views in about 12min

Dr. Edgar george Zomboss says:

if you press square when you select a car you can change it with the gear for your car

Faze D says:


James Houghton says:

create your real self in skylanderrs

Study to The Fun Max says:

make a ninja turtle from a ninja class, night class, or sentinel class

jay kid the epic says:


Minueling "Danger" Hex says:

Blitz, the triple boost item is not actually a boost item, but rather it is a super energy regen. Basically, for about a second or two, you do not lose any energy when using your attacks. It’s good for vehicles like the Shark Tank, allowing you to go underground for a long time, or Hot Streak, letting you boost repeatedly.

Taya80x says:

Play as starcast! Pls!

Phillip Magnaye says:

Create a new skylander u said

efambrough says:

do you know that in superchargers you can play two players.

IcebearTV says:

Dino rang… reminds me of the good old days of skylanders spyros adventures!

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