“SIMCITY AND JENGA HAD A BABY!!!” – BalanCity 1080p HD Gameplay Walkthrough

Welcome to a Hermit’s Look at BalanCity! This is a fun city building game that’s REALLY WELL BALANCED (oh yes, I went there!) Check out the video and let me know what you think! This walkthrough contains 1080p HD PC gameplay footage.

About BalanCity:

BalanCity is a city builder / physics simulator game where you must build a towering city over a balancing platform. Think of it as if SimCity and Jenga had a love-child. Build houses, offices, power plants, landmarks, avoid disaster and have fun in this lighthearted game.

How can I build my city?

Pretty simple, just click on the top menu and select the type of building you want to build. Make sure your residents have access to power and jobs. Plant a couple of trees nearby to clean up the air and lay out transportation lines to make your population grow. Every now and then you will need to set up a special landmark building in order to build higher and higher.

Are there any game modes?

Right now only a Free Building sand boxy thing. Then you’ll be able to play Real Life Scenarios (San Francisco is the first scenario that’s completed) where you will need to recreate famous cities and their iconic landmarks. There’s also a Mission Mode where you will have to complete certain goals to clear the level and finally, a Story Mode.

When will the game be ready?

Mid 2016, but a closed beta is available right now. Get it from: http://www.indiedb.com/games/balancity/downloads


Outro Music by Elybeatmaker! Full song here: https://youtu.be/IKYybTC-gu4

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Foodoholic says:

I played a similar game… 5-6 years ago. Original.

Steven Bale says:


Lucian Lord of the squirrels says:

Genny when you get your gold play button (1m subs which you are encroaching on rapidly) please unbox it in a video

Mr. Butter says:

O MY GOD!! YOUR FACE!…… It’s……it’s……it’s Beautiful!! Lol

Christopher Fountaine says:


A Floyd says:

Why don’t you play job Simulator

Matthew Nguyen says:


Fox Heart says:

It would be more fun if you could see it all crashing and exploding after it falls. 🙂

officialnucky says:

Oh man! Been following this game for so long! Still waiting fir the release to play it but excited to see how you get on with it. Hopefully they will keep developing and adding things now that it’s Greenlit

Conguy97 says:

I swear to god genny is the voice actor of the owl from tootsie pop commercials

Brice 89 says:

Nice to see you in the down corner, Genny! 🙂

Rock0head132 says:

About time you did a face cam.

Sebi777 says:

OMG, Genny happy almost 1000000 subs

Jeiku Furame says:

Let’s get on, let’s get on! fight the fire, come on now!

We gotta put it out quick! That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

KoutetsuSteel says:

It’s also on Gamejolt, for those who want to just play it in your browser 🙂

The Only Bull says:

Please play simcity or cities skylines.

Arkaeya says:

Just decided to try this, I got 319m on my first try! Problem is, when your city gets big enough and they award you the rocket ship, it seems to blow up the whole thing for no apparent reason. My city was so balanced it was a work of art, then I placed the airport and the rocket ship and BOOM. It was gone. So maybe a bug they need to work out, or maybe I’m just doing something wrong, but the game is fun nonetheless! Pretty addicting once you start it!

FoxBlockheadlp says:

We built this city… We built this city on one thin pole!
I’m heading home from work to play this one for sure !!

derek221122 says:

just under 2K to go until 1 million subs!! =D

Jack Williams says:


Lone Wolf1224 says:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Crystogon says:

Ive downloaded it but i dont know how to install. Genny i need halp!

Through Corey's Eyes says:

Face cam not in sync for me, why?

Da Uberbunny says:

hey, Generik


1 Million Subscribers! =3 You’re so close keep up the good work. xb

Алина Старковa (Alina Starkova) 2nd Account says:

tress can be placed on grass even if theres buildings there…. they are on different depth planes …. how did you not realize this when you accidently placed a tree and it fell onto the ground in front of a building?

blade gonzales says:



talk about a balancing act

Doshi Aethers says:

almost 1 mil 🙂

Anonymous says:

Almost at 1MIL!!

Woco says:

And I was complaining about the map size in Simcity…


why u crappin on Minecraft? (B-Dubs)

Dany Ashby says:

I think bulldozing that one residential would have worked if you had done that before putting down that other power plant. The heavy plant falling down upset the balance too much.

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