SimCity 4 ► The Best of 2003 City-building Gameplay in HD Widescreen! – [Nostalgiasm]

What many consider to be the BEST SimCity and some would say the ultimate city-builder game! SimCity 4 is a pinnacle of city-building and with the Rush Hour expansion it made gameplay even better. Soundtrack is also amazingly good. Let’s play some nostalgic city-building and take a step back and have some fun with this gem of a video game. Enjoy!

To get the game into HD widescreen you need to add a bit to the exe file. Instructions are here:

Nostalgiasm is a series about gaming nostalgia where I jump back to a game from the ‘Nostalgic Period of Gaming’, 1995-2002, and either relive my old memories or experience something I missed out on. I play through the initial gameplay for about 1 hour plus to see if I still enjoy the game.

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition on GOG

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition on Steam


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Aldrick Aloysius says:

I dont really like simcity but ur video made me want to play it. Thnk u. Hahaha

Shane Childers says:

“High School next to the power plant? Makes sense, right?” it did make sense to the builders of a power plant in Ohio, where it’s literally built right beside the village of Cheshire’s now former elementary school. And the town itself, but there’s now really jsut the streets left…

Jj says:

Fantastic game with pretty good modding community. Still holds up amd ofc is much better than SimCity2013 abomination.

Rex1987 says:

more simcity 4! but perhaps with a focus on tips. I played this a good deal but never really got the hand on how to make a strong economy. Some guides and tips to that would be cool.

Sir Edward Heath says:

Looks like cities skylines in 2D

Christian Bohren says:

I realize I’m old when Zack starts to play games I played.. OMG

Keep it up

King_Oskar says:

I was doing a project about earning fictional money in city-building video games and this has helped me to add another entry and example to the list. Thank you very much, GamerZakh

Malmind says:

Yes we want more of this… much more 🙂

Kolio Kolev says:


Jay Bea says:

This was the only SimCity I was never any good at.

Antphoneigh says:

Since losing my Rush Hour disc, I decided to buy this game on gog while on sale. Best $2 ever spent!

Portsmouth FC says:

I always watch your videos at 2x speed, so when I accidentally catch a bit at normal speed it… sounds… like… you.. are… talking… like… this. You’re not, of course, it’s just that I’m too used to sped-up Zakh. Not sure why I’m telling you this, but there you go!

Alexandru Duțu says:

Can you help me i installed Exapnding Fronts but the resolution patch doesn’t work ? Why ?

Edit : Nevermind

Imre Tanács says:

The music in this game reminds me so much of that early 2000 era! Like in this Windows ME commercial:

James Beil says:

One idea – could you use the import cities function to get some of your patrons or twich subs to send you the files of their exported cities, then import them into your own region and have a sort of collective game together that way? The game is WAY better with a full map than an empty one.

Slangh says:

Use the numerical pad keys to rotate buildings, 1 and 3 I believe. Also, water pollution is only a problem if the pumps are located on polluted areas because they will get shut down. Pollution doesn’t spread through the pipes. Just keep the pumps in clean areas. For the zones can use shortkeys: shift to prevent roads, alt for alternative road layout, ctrl to create one continuous plot. Always nice to see someone play SC4!

jimmyxtc69 says:

you should do more sim city 4 episodes. try building huge cities

Henry M. says:

Loved it! Would like to see more

Iñigo says:

I hate that you and alot of other youtubers I like don’t show up in my recommended videos anymore but instead get random crap videos I’m not even interested or subscribed to SMH

JAnx01 says:

I bought this game back in 2003 and still haven’t played or even installed it 😀
I remember being impressed by its graphics shown in tiny pictures in video game magazines, but I never saw the game in detail like this until now and I must say I’m impressed again. Even in 2018, the game looks good.

DominicaRepublica says:

Love your work Zakh. Keep it up 🙂 I’m sure we’d all like a series on sim4 from you, if you get the time.

kensw87 says:

anyone knows what the animals do to the map? i always can’t find them once i start building the city :/

Skit IDet says:

I would like to see some more of this or Caesar 3 :))

Niscimble says:

Simcity 4 is best Simcity. Also, best soundtrack by far.

Barry Barry says:

Is this as good as tetris?

Evil Scientist says:

Add more horses!

GamerZakh says:

It’s the ‘best’ SimCity game ever! Do you consider it as the best too? Also, listen to that soundtrack. I can’t decide whether I prefer SimCity 3000’s or SimCity 4’s soundtrack more… Meanwhile, you can check out the full Nostalgiasm playlist to see other trips into the past like Caesar IV, Civilization III, and Dungeon Keeper! –

Nitro Plus says:

pro tip: animals eat trash so you don’t need landfill.

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