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Playing Some Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team! Picked Up Ultimate Legend Ray Nitschke & Testing Him Out! Make Sure To Hit That Like Button For More Content Like This

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Jonathan R says:

quick question: why do you have trash golds as your back ups on your Defense? do they not come in and play sometimes?

Scorgasms says:


Zach Caito says:


Donovan Newsome says:

Aye yo gph how is Jordan Reed and Josh Norman

Vincent Muehlstedt says:

Shit the 91 nitske is on my team with 95 overalll team he is dawg

Johnathan DuFresne says:

Tony Jefferson is highest ovr FS

preston isidore says:

what defense do you use

Bryan Jones says:

somebody stole my ray nitchske throwback. to be honest if I ever see anyone with that jersey on, they will get thrashed.. #GoPackGo

jesus moreno-davis says:

best videos

AngryBroShow says:

yo what offensive playbook are you using

RacksAttack says:

How are you still playing this game lol

Parker Brown says:

Get Reggie bush

Steven c says:

let’s fucking go

Enzo says:

your edit is dope congrats!!

Timmy Angelo says:

get oliver vernon RE

leela hendon says:


Poke Mon says:

We’re is the wagers

Owen Martlock says:

GPH I need a hb that is gold that is 500k or under

saltyseahawksfan says:

skip b.s…. 3:43

Justin Medeiros says:

yo how you not 99 powerhouse

Zeb Taylor says:

PSN zebt763. your videos are really good

Collins Be Ballins says:

So I take it no one saw that he had a fucking 90 stiff arm?

Jake Dubs says:

How do u get so many coins? Do u buy them?

LSDJunior says:

Lets go!

Jacob Sims says:

Love the videos keep it up 22k we grinding

Hew Brew says:

PSN: hewbrew

Jeremiah Atoki says:

Yo Adam, what kind of Gaming Headphones are those ?

Wilmo Wildcat32 says:

You should max out FG so Ray gets 90 speed

TouchMyCorn says:

Love ur content!

Aaron Storm says:

If you ever get a pick with him you should try to stiff arm, in the stats it said 90 stiff arm lmao

iTzRhad says:

I heard if you’re early GPH is till lurking in his comments

Hector Villarreal says:

have you given away that davante Adams bro?

Zeb Taylor says:

whats the best thing to do with bronze and silver badges

AfricAryaN 301 says:

what’s up with that bullshit when it’s like 4th and 5 and you go for it and do a short drag route and when u throw the ball the receiver possession catches it and fucking falls to the floor

Dillvain says:

The best madden YouTuber out there keep up the good shit

Tyran Johnson says:

Yo am I seeing shit or did nitschke have 90 stiff arm and 84 trucking, you could get some sick returns with him man!

david jones says:


Tuh says:

bruh through my body, gmia tho?

wendy's is the best says:

7:37 had his TE open

david jones says:


Johnny Boy says:

Is that 95 Alexander good?

Sir Darko III says:

Dope vid but you should do a themed team of rivalry teams i.e. Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers

Dominic Herrera says:

I’ve opened 300k+ in pro packs for that ray nitschke im done dude.

AngryBroShow says:

Go Pack Go

truth seeker says:

embrace the rage Adam

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