Scrap Mechanic CREATIONS – MONSTER TRUCK RACING! + Race Track – Scrap Mechanic Gameplay

Scrap Mechanic CREATIONS – MONSTER TRUCK RACING! + Race Track – Scrap Mechanic Gameplay
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Welcome to the machine-filled creative paradise of Scrap Mechanic, a multiplayer sandbox game with imagination and ingenuity at its core. Create fantastic machines, transforming vehicles or sneaky traps. The possibilities are endless with Scrap Mechanics powerful tools.

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Michael Kirk says:

I need friends… I know how you feel.

vVfastens Vv says:


Panohiro says:

Truck on the track , track on the truck

Epic Gamer1212 says:

I live in Australia

Emily Stephenson says:

how do u get scrap macanic

Matheus Borges says:

i Love the cars!
i love the track!
i wish to have the game to do that!

Mr crazy Huzij says:


Taco_ Gaming says:

I live in Australia Queensland

m!st3r m!st3r says:

I can listen to the song intro for hours

Trio says:

The suspension on it has been done wrong

WALL E says:

make the back to the future DeLorean

Angel Feather says:

That’s an awesome track. I love watching multiplayer games and races. They are fun to watch.

m!st3r m!st3r says:

but it only plays for 5 seconds 🙁

nick sharp says:

I like the starting grid set up 321 start

Tyler Brett says:


BananaMadness says:

Click me plz no bad stuff

Flying Game Guy TM says:

Nice video!
If you ever need someone to race against or test some maps, just give me a shout.
I’m no big YouTuber, but I am taking it seriously 😉

Arcadia Dewnsyach says:

good car

death boxer says:

did u know that I hate you

Ryan Stevens says:

aussie aussie aussie

horsey eèeorrrbutt 1 says:

I am rato caverna but that’s not my real name

demon horn says:

Best Intro 123 lets go now ba baba baba ba

Boyka says:

whuuut ?! can i have this map ?! how ?!

Dominik Motyka says:

hi i m from polisch. plis link the save download !!

Challenge kids says:

Do you know iballisticsquid he is a very famous youtuber

Kilocraft says:

I sent two files just now 😀

Dantheman55 says:

do u swer or not if not good!

wim carpentier says:


Marwan Haddad says:

u talk to much at the begining

The beast says:

i am Australian

oscar emerson says:

get to the fucking point honestly

Conor says:

What state are you in in Australia? Tamania, A.C.T., Victoria, NSW, Queensland, WA, SA or NT? I’m in WA

Itz Rex says:

wait u are aussie first time i met a aussie youtuber 😀 im aussie!

Jinx Zuehlke says:

Hey you seemed sad about having no one to play with, if you want to add me on steam shoot me a PM, I have scrap mechanic plus tons of other games and I’d be super down to build some stuff with ya

White Horse says:

what a genius who created this map with all these stuff really amazing!.

Gabriel Joshua Torralba says:

Do a helicopter

I xSniperh I says:

Can people subscribe to me or send me friend requests on Xbox 360 sniping gamer10

Colby Taylor says:


Lillemannen says:

Can you make a tutorial on this? PLZ!!!

Allen Martinez says:

I’m new to subscribing

Ty Davison says:

I live in Australia too

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