Scrap Mechanic CREATIONS – MONSTER TRUCK RACE! – Scrap Mechanic Gameplay

Scrap Mechanic CREATIONS – MONSTER TRUCK RACE! – Scrap Mechanic Gameplay ► PUNCH THAT THUMBS UP 500 TIMES!
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Welcome to the machine-filled creative paradise of Scrap Mechanic, a multiplayer sandbox game with imagination and ingenuity at its core. Create fantastic machines, transforming vehicles or sneaky traps. The possibilities are endless with Scrap Mechanics powerful tools.

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Bionic creeper says:

stop sucking so much!!!

A dead Meme says:

Can you please make a tutorial on how to build the monster truck you used??

Sxcool Dj says:


Connor Patterson says:

Your an absolute idiot!

Matheus Borges says:

Nice race

Suthan Manickam says:

I am Suthan

AliceWonderWonder says:

mrmeola is horrible at driving in scrap

Daniel Jacinto says:

your voice like ashdubh

Top gear Gaming says:

I know how to make a solid axle in this game

Tezz111 says:


Kingston Willingham says:

i hate yo koder

Karl Österberg says:


Reptiles Reps says:


First Last says:

this dude sounds like a mouse

Krista Bond says:

I dot like you

Suthan Manickam says:

You can make a game in scrap mechanic

Albedo 7777 says:

nice i love that

Steelvenomgamez420 says:

That dude sounds like bugs bunny

Orly Salvador says:


Sylvia Cherry says:

, blah blah blah blah

Enabled1997 says:

Background music?

lilsavge says:

so laggggy but I will subscribe

Canaan Howard says:

Mr.Meola can you plz do a video on how to make one of those trucks. <3

Barefoot Deliberations says:

Love the black truk

snipergaming83 rohaley says:

i never get lag on scrap

Lexie Arthurton says:

he had the suspension glitch on his car… CHEATING!

Peasant says:

hi does anyone know how can i save my scrap mechanic creations?

Petty_Officer 2ed_class says:


Kevin Shell says:


عمار المرواني says:


Jadon Jordan says:

I’m not a hater or anything, but this is my first time watching you. It seems like you are copying Slogoman and Kweblekop. No offense but this was pretty boring. I don’t mean to be rude.

Joshua Jones says:

best lookin Mister trucks ever

James Veach says:


Brody king says:

can you build a hot dog that turns into a snake

Denise Beaudin says:

what is your problem

Sylvia Cherry says:

you should put more pictures on the back and making tires and make it bigger and make yours harbinger image water tires and you should turn off the engine so you can not win and I give you a big thumbs up and made it ring so you can win.. And you’re awesome games the name of that so we ever going to raise any little thing and you’re going to do it again just trying to send it off okay bye bye.

The gamer says:

What does nos mean


Mr meola what mic do you use

Christopher Potter-Crum says:

I love MrMEOLA’s paint job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top gear Gaming says:

Also I don’t put dualies on both front and back

TBNRfrags family says:

Why did you stop

Boys Tompkins says:

Fucking cheater

Sylvia Cherry says:

you you

Top gear Gaming says:

Come on monster trucks have more power than that

Jefferson Oppong says:

dude you r a horrible driver



Matheus Borges says:

Nice race

THe K&J vloggers #boss says:


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