SCI-FI CITY BUILDER! – Aven Colony Gameplay Ep 1 | Sl1pg8r

NEW Aven Colony Gameplay Peeps! SCI-FI CITY BUILDER! Aven Colony is a City-building game, Sci-fi, Strategy and Indie game. Check this out!

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Intro/Outro Music by: Topmass
Title: For My Haters –


TurboTiger says:

Talking about how it’s stupid to say quinoa wrong, look at 11:20

James Thibodeaux says:

Quinoa is an ancient grain. LOL

Will Thomas says:

They don’t need oxygen because of the plants ??

Onomis says:

copyright main menu?

Martin Hutton says:

Lol@winter sucks

Jud_1_Knight YT says:

banished is better

SL1PPY C-L says:

cool new game sl1p!

Max Olson says:

Sl1p! You should try civilization IV It’s really cool although a little bit slow-paced at times

Bob Hut says:

Slip could you reply if you could but I think you should make it daily because it is a popular video compared to your ongoing series so plz make it it daily or every 2 days

lazaurus opus says:

hot heat ray action baby!!!!

Easykill2k says:


kris buonocore says:

I’m going to like this series but i really miss planet coaster

Chris Gergen says:

Sl1pg8r I know where you live, and I will kidnap you, and turn you into a sex slave

Brandon Potter says:

Hey Slip if you want to try a sci-fi game play Empyrion , Its awesome better then No Mans Fail

boduzapho says:

Anno 2070 Better City Builder Sci-Fi

Elemental King says:

Sl1p u should play btd5 it’s a tower defence game and it has lasers! I know how u like lasers

Cathal Crammond says:


ian giovanni says:


Jacobus Le Roux says:

play ANNO

HellBrYnger says:

oO why isnt this in my sub-feed :O

Brian Paul says:

do more

Fallen Angel says:

ifu love so f d u know avatar with the blue ppl or u love transformers

miner hoy trg says:

play rimworld

Kanniball says:

This is quite interesting Slip.

Highflyer290 Commentary says:

Pls play less city builders. You could play Titan Fall 2 I really liked it

Complete Randomness says:

SLIP! Could you try Anno? it’s Si-fi based but plays more like a regular city builder like Simcity or City Skylines. It would be cool if you checked these out.

Jezzalinkco says:

is this on steam or how do i play it?

Matt Godfrey says:

You convinced me to click the button right now, well done

UGotRekt says:

9:39 neature walk quote check?

Owen Robertson says:

play space engineers its like ark and minecraft but in space and on planets build your own space ship

RanchoBurger says:

Was about to download this but saw it’s coming to console. Nice.

Vincent Rullo says:

Lol when he was like , your not stupid….. your beautiful. XD such funny

igor miljkovic says:

You totaly foul with that watermelon….not 6.somthing u did 5.9….miss the spot.

heyMR1DEFUL says:

Doppler effect? Did you mean refraction perhaps?

frulgradan says:

you really need to play space engineers its been out for a while but it really sweet

Kennie Omega says:

not really a fan of this game. but still will leave my like and view 🙂

Zarcon says:

I like money. 😉 Love it!

Thebest ITW says:

slip if you dont know , youtube told pewdiepie that u want to get dislikes not likes Im not hating so dont dislike slips vid dislike this coment lelelelel

Steven Burnham says:

The Laser Mine destroys some of the stuff and things!

Drew Young gamer says:

Play prop hunt

frulgradan says:

i dont know if you have heard of it but its like minecraft in some ways

Justin Freve says:

“you can tell its copper because of the way it is” Neature walk reference: CHECK!

Daleyboy1 says:

Anno 2070 is a sci-fi city builder. I love it to pieces and could be an enjoyable experience. 😀

Christopher Thompson says:

is it me or does he sound like bdoubleo

GavinPl4yz says:

lol. my first name is Gavin and my last name starts with G so YEAH I could be called G squared 😛

Nice intro.

Adam Newton says:

Glad to see you got onto this game 🙂
Another game I’ve been hanging out for is Empires of the Undergrowth. Its development is a bit slow, but the concept is awesome!
Thanks for the vids Sl1p! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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