RX480 Gameplay & FPS | Where Can you buy the 480?

Gameplay performance on the AMD RX 480 has begun to appear online showing the framerate performance in games like DOOM, Overwatch & Witcher 3. Also, where can you pre-order the RX 480?

Gameplay Credit: (UPDATE) Original Gameplay videos have been made private and can no longer be viewed.
GGPC 480 Unwrapping: https://www.facebook.com/GGPCNZ/videos/485315121665974/

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too school for cool says:


nitishman mishra says:

nVidia can kiss AMD’s a$$ now

Ulus says:

is this amd card good at renderibg 3d animation like nvdia cards with their cuda core rendering?

PoprocksGames says:

I’m planning to build a new pc I’m kinda new to all this should I get gtx 970 or rx 480?

Camdex says:

I’ll be waiting for the PowerColor DEVIL or another aftermarket version with blower style cooler in the 8gb model. I have a smaller itx case so the blower style works better to keep the case temps down. Especially since I like to keep my fans slow and quiet.

Master Lio says:

love your channel, keep it up!

GaMeeRz says:

The Rx 480 Msi is the better

Sic Semper Beats says:

I’m painting that backplate

limitbreakx says:

I bought the rx 480 a few days ago, and I regret buying it. The fps I got in-game was in the 40s when playing games like Overwatch or Doom. I couldn’t find a way to make the fps go up. I have installed the new drivers. I have also uninstalled the old ones using DDU, but nothing seems to fix the issue. I need help, please reply if you have a solution.

Nessim The Dream says:

Cant wait to get this thing. Pc gaming just got a lot more affordable. Goodbye ps4!

Mike Roy says:


I love it!

I hope they can present some fast and high quality solutions that take back some market share. I haven’t had AMD in my system for years and I’d love to say that they presented me with my best choice for graphics or CPU some time in the future.

Hitesh Saini says:

*29 jun*

The_Quesadillö says:

What mic do you use it sounds so clean and crisp

Caleb Harwell says:

1080p is easy to run though

Alex Lushiku says:

Hope price in netherlands is <300 euro's

PoprocksGames says:

I will be playing minecraft with ultra Zeus shaders and recording 60 fps video also playing dota 2 ultra settings along with csgo and no mans sky when it comes out. CPU intel i5 6500k 3.2 ghz and the graphics card is gtx 970 or rx 480

UDark says:

I’m glad to see this competitive prices, but also sad, because here in my Country that will cost 400 dollars -.-! Here Taxes are like one hundred percent.

Jonathan Bright says:

Any word on AIB 480 coolers? Should we expect them on the 29th?

Luigi Gonzalez says:

http://www.bhphotovideo.com/ – just ordered 2 – 499.90 for the 8gb msi’s

Gabry Delle says:

Better to get two  RX 480….cheaper than 1080 and powerful than 1080

Abhishek Babar says:

Is the backplate important, does it affect graphic cards performance?

sshortguy1 says:

see you can’t trust everyone on here there wasn’t even a benchmark tests until today and joker mentions that the 480 is all that but tech of tomorrow has the real results on his sites and seen it personally like the s/n joker sounds like a real 1 ,are you sponsored by amd ? as we all know there’s sponsors on here and seen and catch a lot of them exaggerating but like tech of tomorrow has said it’s not a bad video card for the price but what do u expect for the 250 dollar range ? not even close to the r9 390s

XxyungChRiStIaNmAn777Xx says:

you’re so lucky you have a micro center

Pink Snackbar says:

Will there be a bottleneck with I7 6700K

Jared Pitchford says:

It was fake.

Braderz says:

Well I now need some help, I was going to get a MSI 1080 Gaming X and then get another for SLI after a while. But now I dont know if i should get 2 of these instead. What do you recommend ?

RnB Gaming says:

What time do you need to wake up to buy this card??

Big Smoke says:

wow i cant wait to get this for $500 usd in norway

Eyco :D says:

I am very sceptical about these videos

Daily Crazy says:

Is the 4gb version still going to be $199? AMD was really pushing that as a selling point

Jon B says:

Ha ,”Make AMD great again” = sub’d

TekReviews says:

Why would you sell one without a back plate, helps with the cooling and the ridgidity putting the card in your PC slot creating that orgasm sound.

Rice Lord says:

is it going to be selling on amazon

XDMAINO488XD says:

Make AMD Great Again!

Talgin 2000 says:

Question .. Do they realise a big amout of those cards in 29th (not like the gtx 1070? that they realise small amout of them) ty

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