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Playing Some Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team! Picked Up Positional Hero Jordan Reed & Testing Him Out! Make Sure To Hit That Like Button For More Content Like This

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K Entertainment says:

Test out the new latavius Murray

tommy maginnis says:

Adam can you do a setup vid maybe for 25k subs

Roger Parsons says:

how is this a video on j reed when ur last 2 videos had him starting

amazed says:

In the back rounds

Adam Cruz says:

Adam i liked the way Murray was running you should throw him back into the mix! Good shit as always man

Deadshot x says:

Adam, please run the ball more you ran 6 times and got 3 td’ s rushing, good vid, I’m not a hater but when you rush for 3 td’s in one game doesn’t that say something to you, and please get lynch back if you can. thanks please respond!

Jason Santos says:

It seems like you used such more than your own mlb

marcus212085 says:

where is boss dawkins??? btw great content

x Revis says:

steelernation luv u adam

Daniel Heishman says:

you the shit psn heish12

Chris Heinrich says:

Not sure if you know Adam, but if you hit stick upwards you can higher and get better animations. Instead of chop block hits.

ShabbaDaKid92 says:

That power play lowkey glitchy ahah

Dillvain says:

Is 97 Reed the best all round TE in mut??

Dillvain says:

Also can anyone tell me who to replace Mike Evans TOTY with please

Yajirobe DBS says:

“Fuck im stuck on ndamukong suh!”

trey breeden says:


kevon johnson says:

I really know this dude anit talking about getting bailed out in this game some of the nonsense that he geta in game. if every player that got hit sticked fumbled the game would be even less fun than it is now

Mr Buckets says:

when the qb steps out the pocket how do u tell your players to go after him?

Josue Melendez says:

Love your vids and the grind, i look forward to your vids and CFM

Pico says:

Hey what’s up guys , and we are back !

Rafael Campos Jr says:

Nice video bro!

nidapro says:

U can always expect at least 1.. “thats all my fault”, “madden 17 sucks bro” “LOOK AT THE SPEEDBURST” “DOT” and “OH SHIT IM STUCK ON NDAMUKONG SUH, from Adam lmao

amazed says:

Adam what song was that

zach coggins says:

“Idk what you’re complaining about, this is the best Madden to date”
– SeriousMoe

Deadshot x says:

Dyllvain get 97 lary Fitzgerald

ZayCold says:

Wassup with this devilish ass shirt gph

Musiccity Pat says:

great video man. keep up the great work. and keep the farts comimg haha!

Mark Martinez says:

Enjoying the vids glad new stick of truth vidz out lol yooo you should play toke in a wager match!!

Riot Gaming says:

Adam would you recommend Jordan reed or Vernon Davis

Jacob Viscarra says:

best qb in the game is derek carr but maybe im saying that cuz im a raider fan


“Opponent gets first down”
“What a great game” or “Madden 17 sucks man”

King Ace says:

Nice Vid bro Keep it up and try out that new Jordan Howard he is a beast for me

MrKermKerm says:

you should make a video with that Jordan reed at WR

jack chillski says:

Your player goes for a pick when you hit swat because he has the “plays ball:aggressive trait”

Brandon Caropino says:

great vid Adam

John Hanx says:

“A muck” lmao

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