RIDE Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 – EPIC CLOSE RACE (World Tour)

RIDE Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 – With PS4 1080p gameplay and commentary throughout
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RIDE is a unique motorcycle experience designed for bike lovers who live and breathe the world of motorcycling. The game features the most eminent manufacturers and their most famous and prestigious models. Live the RIDE experience at full throttle through a wide variety of race models. Thanks to the involvement of so many manufacturers you can customise your bike to an unprecedented degree: take your pick from the abundance of parts, components and accessories available. Travel around the glove on 15 different tracks that offer a world of thrills and challenges, whatever your own riding style. Participate in unique international events on the various tracks, and take on other players from around the world in the all-new online multiplayer modes. This is RIDE.


DJVEZ03 says:

Scott please do more RIDE Videos.

Teo S. says:

Dude… awesome vids but you really have no clue what riding a bike means, do you? =D

billyboi2001 says:

Buy a gsxr 750 or hyabusa

Marti Koleka says:

I like Valentino Rossi too, Gameriot 🙂

Guy Sharp says:

Any bike with no front fairing is called a naked bike

Miles Nottingham says:


Assassins Cride says:

😀 😀 😀 ….

Joel North says:

stop treating the triggers like an on/off button! be gentle and feather the throttle and brake like you would a car.

My Name is HARAMBE says:

Is this coming out for Xbox one too??

Go BowGamer says:

Luv your vids. 🙂

Nathan Mian says:

Epic video Scott but dude don’t forget your suspension its important for handling maaaannn 😀

TheRealDeal9269 says:

Love this series keep up the good work

gknight710 says:

I think the game has the brakes together, you can’t use a front brakes in a turn, hence why you fell.

Max Andrei says:

under 30 club?!!!!

aj b says:

u braked too hard and lost the front end wen u were turning! called a ‘low side’

Márk Szabó says:

Can I play with this on my PC or it’s only for Play Station 4?

Icemanpro88 says:

Is there any more cameras

Ghost EXE says:

Do Moreee

Suzuki Shinji says:

This is 2015 right

Tartan Guy says:

On the crash in the first race u trail braked (breaking to late and trying to turn too fast) and that caused u to lose the front end of the bike thus the crash apart from that good series so far

Elias says:

Bad driving, i really felt all misses u made, saw evrything u can do better, like give gas to late was happening to often

MotorBros says:

At 3:50 you locked your front wheel:)

Full Time Memer says:


thomas dyball says:

Great vids

Adam Green says:

You fell off the Ducati by trying to turn sharply while applying max brakes. Ride a real bike to know how they respond and you will have a greater appreciation for going fast in this game. From what I have seen it is very realistic in the handling dynamics.

malik base tech says:

When did this come out

themenacethemenace says:

Please take off the racing lines

George Chandler says:

Could you change the speed units to mph please ?

James Kearle says:

Friends will be Friends achievement

XBOX ONE GT: NoHeroes94 

Will boost with anyone for 3 months even after achieving as i know how massive a ball ache this is ^^

havanese lovers says:

You rock so do motor bikes

ManlyGamerHD says:

I love this game…

ItsJerry_22 says:

Hey +gameriot i go play ride and i only go to quick race and options why is this ?

My Name is HARAMBE says:

Is this on Xbox one

Ivan Vujošević says:

Your loading times aint so long cuz of the game, they are long cuz u are a peasant.

LegacyMusic says:

Love this game, keep up the great work man!

Firexfliex says:

i had been played this almost 15 hours on steam, you cant really follow the guide line. if your entry pretty good, you can still cornerning at maximum lean angle when the color become yellow

TGC says:

First and good series scott

Patrick Sanderson says:

Not in ps4 store. Wonder why?

Marcus Taylor says:

Is this a PS4 exclusive?

willamys miranda says:

I follow your series here in brazil…great series 🙂

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