Revhead – Car Building, Selling and Racing Simulator – Building A Junker – Revhead Gameplay Part 1

Revhead is a racing and building simulator similar to Jalopy and My Summer Car with elements of Car Mechanic Simulator as well. In this first episode of Revhead we begin our journey into the Australian outback by working on some cars and then building our first car to hopefully race with. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Revhead, thanks for watching and liking!

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Outro: JAWN – Duck of Doom


Kerbin Centurion says:

Thongs are Australian for Flip Flops

Cakeman110 , says:

woop woop in in the middle of nowhere, for yonks in for ages, your old man is your dad, gander=look

The Censored Studios says:

I love how at the beginning I was like “Use your parts wisely, earn good money, progress in the game” (you know, strategizing) Then when you took the car out I was like “Hit a tree at max speed!!”….too much BeamNG for me?

Regular Ruby says:

hahahahahaha im australian
i love listening to him fuck up all of the slang

Fish Taco says:

“Out in bum fuck nowhere” would have sounded better.

Mister Snowman says:

I’m Australian and I dident understand

Vorts HD says:


Ryan Marsh says:


Azoz Alqahtani says:

fuck this

urho kekkonen says:

you should play Street Legal Racing: Redline

cralnith gaming says:

Yes whoop whoop is a real place

stealth sniper says:

my name is Aaron and it is a address LMAO haha
My name as address is so cool

Mandarin Elf says:

what the fuck bro yes they are real places and you are FUCKING rude I am Australian and we don’t talk backwards and hill billies are the only people who talk like that(most of the time)

TheMacacidcore says:

thongs are flip flops

D.V.D-Entertainment says:

i know their bigger and have more stuff but why is a v8 better?


this is-OH FUCKIN SHIT!!
-Draegast 2017

Steven Lonnie says:

It’s not jungle it’s called the bush

Liam Edwards says:

I think things are jandals.

Storm Swarm says:

“This is all FUCKIN SHIT!!!!”

SWATTY says:

definitely not a racing simulator

HeartLESS 7 says:

This is really racist to me

demonic bugie15 says:

Gotta love how everyone that isn’t Australian has a very hard time figuring out anything being said.

Grizzly Films says:

Whisk Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, paprika, honey, black pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, and onion powder together in a bowl. Add beef to bowl and turn to coat beef completely. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and marinate in the refrigerator, 3 hours to overnight.Preheat oven to 175 degrees F (80 degrees C). Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and place a wire rack over the foil.Transfer beef to paper towels to dry. Discard marinade. Arrange beef slices in a single layer on the prepared wire rack on the baking sheet.Bake beef in the preheated oven until dry If you sub to me and give me comments about discussion about things I can make a video about it and then we can discuss stuff there like this comment and sub and comment on my videos so I know you want! Plz do a shoutout to the end of every episode.

Azure Dragon says:

Interesting car names. Guess they went the cheap fake car names option lol

Michelle Simpson says:

most of these are also English expressions

Olle Wolter says:

If you need money just buy a wreck, take out all parts fix them and sell them you’ll get super much money from that

william srader says:

more please

Nathan Taylor says:

Australia has rainforests

DAN RADIATION9988/daniel harmin says:

the game not free very sad

Nathan Taylor says:

Really the singhn when he first started driving said buja in aboriginee um yeah

Jordan Mittenzwei says:

lol you said Australia ha no jungles but Australia is one of the counties with the most.

Mandarin Elf says:

PS we have rain forests and bushes

Josh Brewster says:

When uncle Charlie said “get a pair of thongs” he is talking about what you call ‘flip flops’.. I’m Australian. And this game is very realistic and stereotypical.

Jesse Huck says:

As an Australian i was right at home until it displayed the power in hp, not kw

Liam Edwards says:

draegast isn’t Australian.

Mitch Byrnes says:

Whop whop just means out In the middle of nowhere

xXTHEDABSTA21Xx dab fo life says:

im an Aussie and I don’t know what youlk means

Nathan Taylor says:

Thongs r what u Americans call flip flops

Derped Kajar says:


Sally k says:

As an Aussie, I can confirm that “Whoop Whoop” is a real place, out in “themiddleofbumfucknowhere” just down the road from, the place with the radio tower next to the giant tree, along the river running down through main street “whatcha-ma-call-it,” where they have the “do-hickey”on top of the “thinga-ma-bob” instead of next to the dropbear.

Zac Lange says:

Yes they are real places

Reedy_ says:

Big beast?? I hope it’s ironic(90 hp..)

Matt Hudson says:

being a car guy I immediately noticed the car he bought for himself was already v6 swapped lol

desert ghost says:

I’m from Australia honestly no hate or disrespect but it’s hilarious seeing you trying to understand the slang, your a good dude dre 😉

kanga says:

Drae, as an Australian I feel obliged to help you out…

Thongs are what you call flip flops

Whoop whoop means literally the middle of bloody no were

Yonks is a very long period of time

Noggin is your head

Chrissy Hoidays is Christmas Holidays

Ripper is something really good

Servo is a petrol station

Sticky beak is to take a look

Any other slang you want translated lemme know!

V_f9oool says:

I TOOOOOTALLY didn’t sleep after 6 minutes

Ryan Marsh says:

how dare you we are not backwards

Jordan Mittenzwei says:

i hate when people say Australia is all desert but i have never seen the desert before in my life

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