Beep Boop fuck this game.

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kiwis eat pumpkin pie says:

this just hit me
is staci’s hair red? I never paid attention till now that their icon thing has staci with red hair but from how long I’ve subscribed (I think about a year and a half) I didn’t notice

Rana who says:

i’m playing with you guys so i don’t feel so scared and i also love your commentary xD
when you stop i stop, please upload the next part and thank you very much

Jun123 says:

So, still no backpack?

Justice Spectre says:

Keep it up, good work 🙂

Ambar says:

do yo guys ever find the backpack? loving the lets play so far!

GoldenBlu Wolf says:

love y’alls work, funny and spooky! To be honest I bout near Died when the t-virus monster was behind the door!!! lol lol

Uncouth Homo says:

Doesn’t this zombie frat know that hazing is illegal???

Kevin Summer says:

When was this filmed? Seems like you have yet to read the comments from the last video, I posted one there with some useful things that would help you so much.

Hayley K says:

I’ve been wanting to make gaming videos for quite some time now but i can’t figure out to up the fps. How do you guys do it?

StephanieLorenG says:

Hi mom

Dane DeMuth says:

It’s driving me nuts with the backpacks and the not reading hahaha it’s not that tricky more FF 15 much less insanity in that

UncoloredPage says:

has anybody been counting how many times Mari has said that she hates Stacy in this series? It’s gotta be in the double digits by now

lewis dump says:

omg guys the backpacks in grandma’s room

Elizabeth D says:

Honestly the best RE7 series out there, I love you ladies <3

Mumbles says:

Scary, Scary, Scary…. that is all

nifan says:

that’s all I’ve been wanting from this LP, the backpacks!. Not having the extra space was gonna be too annoying through the entire game. Love you girls and keep rockin!

Alex Gonzo says:

My heart aches for scared Mari! Stacy is the worst! (JK I’m thoroughly enjoying this playthrough!!!)

ProTheSims says:

You aren’t using gamewisp anymore?

king soundwave says:

Mari love meh

Gangrel Aussie says:

A pair of stupid cunts, gj

pixel dreams says:

aa thank you, both of you for playing this game !!

Damia Savon says:

omg what a place to end it….arrrgghh

Rocky183 says:

Guys chill out this is a no backpack challenge run

Louis Alexis says:

Hey Guys, I just want to say thank you for playing games I myself would be too scared to play. Keep playing :3

TheHappy_P0tat0 says:

Yay you got the things.

Labnham Hni says:

omg yes

Emily Johnston says:

Somehow the attic seems like the least cursed place in the house, id chill there

phil dean says:

Please tell me they went back for the Backpack in Grandma’s room!! It was right in front of Mari, she just had to look up. Now I’m scrubbing over the rest of the episode because i HAVE to know if they went back for the Backpack!

Ana Rafaella says:

Those screams at the end were so funny! You girls are the best. <3

Kyle Bartoss says:

Hey. love the show. Just one suggestion though could you maybe sit closer to the mic because even with my sound all the way up I still have trouble hearing.

Nekolover forlife17 says:

Who built that damn house?! Wtf!

dONALD42 says:

YESS! Thank You!

jeremy saint says:

love your videos. you don’t have to pretend to be scared though, you are funny and smart and that is what keeps people watching.

thanks again for all the great times.

Damia Savon says:

Thank goodness you found the backpacks. love you both

Scion95 says:


Synthetics says:

This video made me realise how fucking creepy the game is with headphones >_<

cheezychex says:

I fist pumped when I saw this posted <3

Casey Angle says:

Why does it matter if they get every single backback or item or if they miss a detail or two? They’re playing as most would, terrified as they’re being chased and just trying to survive, it’s a given that through the first playthrough tons of people missed things!! Completely acceptable and I wouldn’t get angry over it. I prefer a more human playthrough rather than a robotic perfect one. If someone’s preoccupied with not missing a single thing then it takes away the immersion. I guess most don’t mind it and to each their own. I love their content though and I don’t want to watch any other yt’s playthrough of this game. That’s just my 2cents, everyones entitled to it, blahblahblah as Mr. Jefferson would say.

Have a great day. c: Bless

PandaSenshi says:

There were 2 backpacks they misses ):

Pyroa says:

The title says 60 fps but “Stats for nerds” says 30 fps… Is this a title error or is YouTube wrong?

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