Redout Gameplay – A Full High Speed Time Trial Race – PAX West 2016

Redout pays homage to classic high speed racing games such as F-Zero. Check out a full race here.

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⚉FACE PUBES⚉ says:

go fast!!! HIT WALLS!!!

lubzgroup says:

hydro thunder

Dubediton7 says:

i love scifi racers i been hoping that forza did one.

Keyano McMichael says:

I beeb wanting a Wipeout game for the longest. i think this might be good.

Spacirelei says:

I’m down with this day one.. Wish I knew what happened to the ex wipeout team making a new racer..

LewdMeguminうつ病 says:

How much is this Mario Kart 8 dlc?

Fiona & Mike Fabiyanic says:

Is it coming to PS4?

gridisraw says:

really surprised to see a world more beautiful than Wipeout’s

damatrix1001 says:

What’s the point of racing so fast that the track does most of the steering for you….

Antonio Minuto says:

do you will release a review about it?

Christoper Bacani says:


uttblackboard says:

Too slow!!!

Arien Van Stralen says:

There’s a sad lack of futuristic racers on PS4. I’m still waiting for “Distance” but this looks fantastic. That music!

ll novawing ll says:

this reminds me a lot of the Speed Racer game on PS2. A remake of that would be sweet!

Luca vinícius says:

It looks so beautiful!

Enrique Perez says:

Fast Racing Neo x Wipeout

420apache657 says:

this is a great game but maybe its because im actually good at it

Alfie _ says:

how many crashes lmao

Baskoro Juwono says:

Can we play couch multiplayer?

drkRoss says:

For anyone looking into other AG racing games, there is also Formula Fusion developed by former Team Liverpool devs that brought us the Wipeout series.

ashfury says:

This game doesn’t feel as fast as F-Zero GX. The track layout (not the graphics) is kinda bland too compared to F-Zero.

abrox says:

i loved f-zero, wipeout and so on.. but imho this Genre died years ago

Arnold Rivers says:

looks badass. the music is ok, but its too chilled out. needs music similar to f zero games imo

Marcus McIntyre says:

“Redout pays homage to classic high speed racing games such as F-Zero”? Looks more Wipeout to me…

Decent Person says:

Wow! Just in Time!! just days ago I was missing the wipeout series, and wondering what happended to it, and how cool it would be if it was to be made for PS4. Thanks for the video IGN.


Total Biscuit

nathan074 says:

Games like this only reminds me of how sad I am that Sony closed Studio Liverpool 🙁

Cash Jones says:

Damn dude this new Mario Kart looks cool, but can I still play as Baby Bowser?

Connor says:

The obnoxious colour filters make it hard to read the track from the background. And imo that sound track is horrible. The controls look like they feel good, though that’s hard to judge without playing it first hand.

Oshea Rael says:

F-Zero X 64

Kung Fuey Thomas says:

what platform?

TurnerBurgess says:

Honestly looks like a mobile game.

Bruno Milocchi says:

basically f zero… but less good

TSM Keyori says:
MrPod says:

yeah but…fast racing neo!

bobo the hobo says:

Doesn’t look as good a f zero, wipeout or fast racing neo

F G Type Zero 0 says:

What console is this for?
I’ve been looking for a wipeout style game. Will there be weapons in this?

Master Jay says:

people still making this kind of game. little waste of money. how many people would buy this game? 1k or 100k or 1mil? i give it max. 10k people will buy this game

Rodrigo Zapata says:

does anyone else feel that fast racing neo is faster than this?

Nelly D Racer says:

Ouch best lap 44.2 🙂

16-bitWarrior X says:

Looking forward to this game since it seems we will never get a new Wipeout.
Hopefully this will be released on both Xbox One and PS4.

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