Realm of Rulers Gameplay – The City Builder – Realm of Rulers Let’s Play

Realm of Rulers is a Medieval Fantasy City Building game! In this Realm of Rulers video, I build buildings, gather resources and mange NPC’s!

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Realm of Rulers gameplay excites me because in games like Realm of Rulers, you get to create NPC’s who can help you do the mundane tasks such as chopping trees, mining stone, and harvesting food and other resources. Currently in Realm of Rulers this is all they can do, but this early foundation of Realm of Rulers sets up what could be a very cool future! I can imagine city building to epic scales down the road.

I’ll be keeping an eye on Realm of Rulers and will keep you updated with some of the Realm of Rulers gameplay updates as they release! Here is the description of Realm of Rulers from their gamejolt page…

BECOME A RULER OF THE REALM: Realm of Rulers is an early access Medieval Fantasy City Building game where you are the baron of a new town and your job is to manage the town’s resources and population to try and create a world that will control itself through NPC interactions, AI gathering, refining and construction.

This Realm of Rulers video was recorded playing the Pre-Alpha version 0.2.2 of Realm of Rulers.

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Sophie Coulling-Green says:

My brother is one of the developers for this game, and is only in college/sixth form. Thanks for the positive feedback 🙂

Raw Tee says:

Maybe check out Conan exile

Spawnzora Plays says:

Make more please i love it so much

Gaming Ultra Cheap - Budget Gameplays says:

This looks like it could be a rather involved but fun game.

Ahmet Haydar Işık says:

Looks like a promising game though ui is awful

Brannon Sweet says:

Your video is good. In regards to the game, I guess I’m a little turned off at how little effort it take to get stuff. In 20 minutes you had a large settlement built already. Is this more of a strategy game in first person?

EviLLivE Gaming says:

Worst pick axe swinging animation I have ever seen in my life.

ovidiu ivanciuc says:

very nice

Master Tatician says:

Tavern is in the ground…

Regn Av Norge says:

Another survival game to an over-saturated genre…

Bulletbill Gaming says:

i went to go download it in concept it seems really cool, but there really isnt much to the game so i will prob not even play it.

Christian & Laura - Daily Gaming and Stuff! says:

Looks like a really fuin game we might have to give it a try 🙂

Vimperson says:

My farmers are not gathering food, I have to maually get it?

Zyad Mohamed says:

i think this game made with unity

Matt Hale says:

i love watching weem’s gameplays. the way he describes the game as he plays makes me ready for when i play the game.

Terdle says:

Anyone else noticed how generikb’ video follows almost the exact same monologue as weem’?

Wesley Abrams says:

I think my girlfriend would LOVE this game, will there be any form of combat in the game? like making knights etc?

I Find It Funny says:

Free Early Access games? This is how it should be. Thanks for bringing light to this title.

Daniel del Castillo says:

Good job. I Like the concept. Please add more “interaction” with the female villagers! LOL

mgriba says:

age of empire 3D 😉

JoarMusic says:

Hey, would you be interested in playing my game? Strayspells is the name.

DrKub007 says:

i know it s free and many of you ll tell me i don t got to complain , it s no complaining, i just share the information that if you want to play to something , get another “game” because there s nothing to play here…….. and btw you can t litteraly interact with npc’s but only choose wich type you draft

Curtis Allen says:

I’ve played, way too many survival games but this, this is an awesome idea. I wish I could give them ideas and help with voice acting or, something because I want them to succeed. I like that you are a part of the village you’re building.

Trax Morth says:

See this is the problem with accessible 3D engine. Everyone can make a crappy game

Jessika S says:

Medieval Civilization 1st Person View.

FunniestVideos2016 says:

Just another game that is getting somewhat hyped up to a point were the developers get enough money then they stop develop the game and just leave it as it is.

TurpDotNet says:

Aww cute, another Survival game which will never be finished…

HM_HENRY says:

Is it. An online so that you can play with friends

daveice20 says:

this is the problem with the gaming industry: Minecraft is popular action-adventure so everyone needs to make a game similar to Minecraft, Call of Duty is the popular shooter so everyone needs to make a game similar to Call of Duty.. What happened to originality? dozens of games just like this are on Early Access for Steam and they all use the same rinse-repeat cycle with an added flare here&there lol this game has better graphics, this game has more action, this game you need to survive, this game has more complex building methods, etc. but when you cut back the marketing BS it’s all the same game

rogermocca says:

i think, this game needs some story. Like, u are ship-wrecked and need to survive in a deserted island. The objective is to be able to go home. Or you are abandoned by your group ,when hiking or on military duty, in the middle of nowhere. You have to survive and find the way home.

John Rooney says:

mange npc’s or manage?

VenoMinus l'éternel says:

this is ugly…that the only reason for not liking the placement…but is more effectif.

Yan _ says:

can we watch the baby making process in this game ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hieronimus Narotama says:

cool, im hoping there will be mating feature in the future

HugoBoss says:


Nobody Inparticular says:

it’s like First Person for Banished.

Syyn Kurogami says:

yeah, i think the concept is cool.

B Radical says:

Settlers in first person lol, i like it .

kyleboii12 says:

Can u get this in Xbox ???

Brian Marini says:

I can’t help myself… @12:26 “it’s so huge!” Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s what SHE said!

Theolas says:

it has had some update scene your video

Manuel Chavez says:

I love it

666222333111 says:

This game has some potential but it needs a lot and i mean a loooot of work. The terrain looks good and well that’s it basically.

Pugaroo says:

Ok…. I just downloaded this game, launched it and I can hardly play its so laggy, and I can handle GTAV and Skyrim easily but not this?

SL 3D Environmental Design_Visualisation Beats says:

Looks like rust

Attica says:

Will definitely watch this game and see how it develops!

MadSilence says:

This is Settlers in FPS perspective xD

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