Realm of Rulers | City Builder in First Person | Let’s Play Realm of Rulers Gameplay | S01E01

Hey all and welcome to my Realm of Rulers Let’s Play Gameplay Series.
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• This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.

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Realm of Rulers Gameplay Information:

Realm of Rulers is an early access Medieval Fantasy City Building game where you are the baron of a new town and your job is to manage the town’s resources and population to try and create a world that will control itself through NPC interactions, AI gathering, refining and construction.
Realm of Rulers Gameplay Features: Coming Soon

There are tons of great websites out there to help with tutorials, guides, resources and general gameplay tips. Check these sites out here:

The Realm of Rulers subreddit►

The Realm of Rulers wiki► Coming Soon
You can download Realm of Rulers from one of the following official websites.

Download Realm of Rulers from the Steam store here► Coming Soon
Download Realm of Rulers from the official website here►
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Realm of Rulers Trailer can be found here► Coming Soon


Anthoni SA says:

seems cool to watch 😉

Joey Hofman says:

Hey kage you should call it Utopia =)

Ruby Clips says:

You should play a game called ark survival evolved

Euel Ball says:

Great video! BTW, call it Emberville, or Copperline…

Northraider123 says:

how about Greenfield for a town name cus ya know it’s in a green field

Frozzen says:

DragonHeart or LoinHeart for a name,,, I like this game so far

Cami McCulley says:

you should name your town or city the Rage empire

Samuel Feather says:

This looks cool I’d like to see more

Pookie says:

name your city goober town, after my home town

Winston Brooks says:

what happened to Subsistence????????

TheMrBurrfoot says:

looks very interesting !

ThePalinkka says:

I definitely want to see m(ore) haha also I don’t mind watching you grind.

Bartholomew Macaluso says:


Niall Allen says:

You should name it Bluesmachine100s castle o fun. I like plugs 😀

Adrianne Compton says:

i want to see more of this 🙂 please keep playing Kage!!

M Kegy says:

The dawn of age settlement

Carlos Garcia says:

7 Days to Die – minus the zombies, plus the micro management

Blessing Rowley says:

do you think that maybe you can start live streaming lets plays sometimes

Nomzai says:

damn that looks epic!more vids = life

NoPingAllHax says:

I really like this game! This game looks really good! I hope it doesn’t turn out like Raft where Episode 1-3 are good but rest are repetitive

Bryan Brouwer says:


TrDickens says:

I’m behind on your other videos but can finally be current on something since you started a new game 😀

Jessi Bell says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE watching you play games like this and Rust! More please! I watch your videos and download/buy most of what you play because it’s amazing!

Scott G. says:

You said storage shed like 5 times, and you think it’s called the storage shed?

Nocare says:

Thank you for doing it this way!

IIJarpp1II says:

Cage Town

Red Jackel says:

an idea for the name of your Barony, Hok Twintig, it is Afrikaans for cage twenty.

Ayylien Dude says:

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yeahheadd says:

play for honor 😀

Scott G. says:


GraviT8 says:

I think u should start making more vids on this gameplay, it’s great man!!

HerMajestyBarebone says:

It would be cool to follow this

Leon Haid says:

U should call it titan city

What?nochannelhere says:

180th like

Harry Tillyer says:

278th like and 55th comment and been subscribed for months. keep it up Kage 848

Sabbel Wakker says:

Generic commet to support the series.

Pookie says:

i like it

Ryan Pro says:

It’d be amazing if these survival games could host more than 50 people and on a huge map and have realistic gunplay. WAIT DAYZ does that. I’ll stick with that game. Idiots who think it’ll never get done crack me up. Game i going to get so finished so soon. =D DAYZ MY BABY.

Emil Th says:

Can you play multiplayer in the game?

Joy Bubbles says:

more more

deathshocker77 says:

you should be able to asign the farm plots to either create food or barley

Soulplayz says:

you should name it stoneville

Boog says:

Name your world Bob

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