Raw Data VR Gameplay – HTC Vive VR FPS Tower Defence

Welcome to my Raw Data VR gameplay for the HTC Vive! An incredibly immersive first person shooter and tower defence game!

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Raw Data is a made-for-VR multiplayer first-person combat game optimized for the unique Active VR capabilities of the HTC Vive and Oculus Touch, featuring whole-body gameplay with an in-game avatars, interactive weapons, dynamic defenses, awesome upgrades and swaths of challenging enemies.

Made-for-VR Active Sci-fi Combat – Your mission is simple: Enter Eden Corp. Steal one geopbyte of raw data. And decimate everything trying to stop you with an arsenal of weapons and defenses. Active VR gameplay involves your whole body as you slash, shoot, deflect and dodge androids set to KILL.


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Raw Data Game Info

Active VR gameplay involves your whole body in a combat experience that’ll put your wits and reflexes to the test. Intuitive controls completely immerse you within the game world:
Fight hand-to-hand or with swords, guns, projectiles and explosives.
Pull weapons off your body, do gun tricks, throw grenades, dual-wield firearms or use any physical loadout you desire.
Unlock terminals to access special weapons, abilities, upgrades and deployable defenses.
Slash, shoot, deflect, duck, dodge, throw and perform countless other physical actions to fend off enemies coming at you from all sides and angles.
Team up with your friend in co-op multiplayer (you’ll be grateful for the extra cover) and get ready: one miscalculated expense or missed android may cost you valuable data–and your life.

Check out the Raw Data Website for more info:


Music Provided by:
Render – Prism: https://youtu.be/WAg8iCoH07w

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Helen the Melon says:

I gotta say, you looked pretty badass doing that.

Goldenself says:

Is there any way you can format these to be compatible with YouTube’s cardboard interface?

Nitro Gaming says:

zuelgin get a game called destiny or at least check it out

NJLamp Films says:

I love seeing people forget that you actually have to AIM, and shooting in a general direction doesn’t do anything. Thats what happens when people play tons of CoD and then try VR.

Son_of_Rage G says:


Ghost says:

How do you download? I don’t see an option

Mark Roxburgh says:

Z I have to stop watching these VR videos. you make me want to spend my holiday money on a VR set and I really need a holiday!

darguens noel says:

I love that game a lot

Matt Lowe says:

You should play reign of kings

Dylan Walsh says:

You try that out on pornhub yet?

Zurzul Zurzul says:

Wat hapend to the intro?

Baboon King says:

This is really cool! Great video. Would not mind more VR vids 😀

Conn Luffton says:

So cool

FryVision says:

can you not twist the gun controller to aim down the sights for accuracy? it looks like you are angling the gun to the center of the screen. idk if it’s the player or the design. most of these VR games look like aiming a gun is a pain cuz you aren’t aiming down the sights. idk. maybe hold the controller more in front of you?

TheAzorAhai- says:

So flippen cool

Rethar 577 says:

Very cool man, looking forward to more awesome vr gameplay.

Riley Budd says:

Awesome awesome awesome! Love it Z! Want to get it myself, how much does it cost?

Max van Beers says:

this is future gaming everyone, still glichy now but our kids won’t know beter and laugh at us when we tell them about 2d gaming

DinoMage9263 says:


DaveNaler says:

This might be the best VR game you’ve down so far, very cool.

Victor Anchipolovsky says:

This is hands down one of the coolest things ever

Benjamin Keaney says:


JaxLion Gaming says:

That looks like the coolest vr game you have played so far! Loved the green screen! DAP times ten!

jacob devlin says:

hi zullgin

Murylo Batista says:

man u sucks at this

Lorendar says:

Dude this was sick!

Ryuuken24 says:

Raw gayness. This is the best? Can’t wait for the worse, typical autistic game.

The Immortal Budginut says:

early on the frame rate looked a bit low, was it like that through the headset?

Sinon says:

havent been keep up on videos,but good to see u got the htc vive now,which is better especially for recording

MrSharkBait561 says:

Won’t motion sending gloves be more effective? Use gestures to perform certain tasks. They could give one of those things he’s holding to imitate a gun. Because I want to hold the gun with one hand and reload with an empty hand. You can grab using the glove you’re wearing.

Phil-D seek-Jesus says:

that game looks intense the future of VR will be incredible

Cameron O'Connor says:

now that’s a VR game

bd wright says:

More more more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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