RACE WAR – Super Mario 64 Gameplay

When we were little there was only one kid in our group who had a Nintendo 64. We would play this game at his house every damn night. One day he told me to climb into a big hole he had dug, then threw a smoke bomb in after me and covered it with a sheet of plywood.
Totally worth it.

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Seamus Reed says:

Elyse’ face when the book falls off Lawrence’s head

tehSuperSloth says:

I think weed talk with Adam would be the most chill series in the world.

Andrew Vosick says:

Everyone is asking if they already uploaded this, but no one is bothered by Elyse’s egregious misuse of “penultimate”? Or she really meant Lawrence was the next to last gamer. Idk.

Nate says:

Poor Lawrence. All he really wanted was to be better than James in a video game.

yung moollah baaaiiibay says:

awwwwww they hurt elyse!!!

fullmetalwindbreaker says:

i just noticed elyses face refracted all tiny in lawrences glasses

WhoopingCof says:

I love you guys

MrJoking4fun says:

I have always wondered if anybody in the Funhaus cast smokes weed. I guess we know for sure Adam does.

RedAlertSteve _ says:

Biased ass audience

James Donnarumma says:

Sexual tension between Elyse and James is real, it’s like they like each other

José Pérez says:

13:40 This should have been the intro for the video

r2c123 says:

Adam is trying to be funny like James and I don’t appreciate it

Raynespyder says:

Ahah this was good

thisismyname212 says:

It was kinda cool seeing outside of the office.

tenderlauryn says:

this was way too intense… i need 2 nap and de-stress… jesus fucking christ.

Chris Kerslake says:

I hope they do a high gameplay…

almostkinda says:

Solid video

willman564 says:

Adam being high on cough syrup fuckin got me

Tin Man says:

I like how you guys actually edit down your live stream videos to a reasonably long video. Most youtube channels just post their full 2 hour live stream video as is. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Rory Souter says:

Why james so shiny?

Chef Excellence says:

23:09 God that made me laugh so hard.

Paul Wingding says:

Where do they stream this stuff?

Courtney Cochran says:

When James groaned at 7:46, he sounded like he got the wind taken outta him like in SEGA Street Fighter

MackAttack713 says:

We need another race war

A video game one that is

Adam Allen says:

“I didn’t have an n64… wasn’t rich like you guys.”
Adam is dead inside

AsrielTheGoatKid says:

from people arguing about hopefully not upcoming race war to people racing eachother in mario 64

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