RACE TO DIE – GTA 5 Gameplay

It is wise to watch many seed collections by experienced handlers before you attempt it on your own. Note carefully how the handlers move around the stallion to prevent injury to him and to themselves. A stallion in the throes of passion is even more dangerous than usual. If he’s injured in any way, he may refuse to mate again.
Seed is often collected from stallions using an estrous or ovariectomized teaser mare. The disadvantages of this practice are that it can be dangerous for the collection team, the mare and the stallion. To protect the stallion, the mare should be hobbled to prevent kicking. An alternative to use teaser mare is to use a “phantom” mount – an inanimate mare look-a-like. Roughly 2 of 3 stallions can be trained to mount and be collected using a phantom.

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The Scoutis says:


Graham Williams says:

The knowing gave me nightmares when I was younger. Thanks nick cage.

SaxNinja says:

What was the song they played while they were underwater?

Tom Moffitt says:

I hate you Bones, stop trying to replace papa Bruce.

IDon'tKnowWhatToCallMyselfSoIWillJustDoThis xD says:

I already hate you for being here.

Jonathon Bird says:


Ruben Uquillas says:

Elyse 10/10 performance and jokes in this video!! everyone else needs to catch up!

Cruzifix777 says:


Joshua Daigle says:

Where the Fuck is joel

ded dad says:

how tf did james and Elyse get in a buzzfeed video

Kung Fu Jesus says:

dude Bones is soooo Bones

TheSaMM40 says:

Godmother Elyse, goofy goofs as usual!! Love ya!!

Dario Zuñiga Marro says:

Bones looks like Lil J

kitkatsnackattack03 says:

Bones looks like a Bruce and Adam love child. Maybe not “love”, but if they fucked, and produced a child, one they named Bones, that’s what the bastard son would look like.

Birdman Eags says:

Bone bones Bruce

VEXARI says:

That Donkey Kong water level music… hits right on the nostalgia nerve.

Robbin Reijnders says:

That Donkey Kong water level music. Its sooo goood.

Ventz says:

“My name is Elyse” oh my gosh comedy gold x3

Mike S. says:

Wait, this is not Bruce!

Varangian Rhino says:

9:15 that Donkey Kong Country music brought back so many memories.

Daruny Beoulve says:

Bruce is probably upset cause of the reaper mug.
Please, someone buy him a new reaper mug. 🙁

William Busman says:

It’s okay New Bruce, I like you.

McKay Hall says:

I recommend not looking into Equus if you have a weak stomach.

Matty Bruning says:

Keep clicking 5:37 and insert joke.


thank you to whoever put the donky kong aquatic ambience track in there
you are da best!

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