Race for the Galaxy Gameplay Runthrough

A video outlining gameplay for the card game Race for the Galaxy. For more game info, http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/28143/race-for-the-galaxy

Part I: Gameplay Runthrough

Part II: Extended Gameplay

Part III: Final Thoughts

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Moony Rainy says:

Fuck me! 12+ they said, really??! I am 27 years and it was kinda difficult to understand this and i am still dont get some details. how 12-13 years kid can realize all this stuff…

SamuraiSevenBlade says:

thanks so much for making these Galaxy videos!!! I watched some other tutorials, but seeing an actual “game” being played really cleared up a lot, and solidified a lot of the rules for me. Nicely done. —Sometimes when people talk fast, it gets confusing, but thankfully it is not so in your case – I understand most of what you are saying, and it speeds up the video – great job!

Vognar says:


trickykid3000 says:

Hi Rahdo, I am confused about some of the rules. The game says to start with 7 actin cards, but my set came with 9, so how do i chose the right seven, there are two 3’s and two 4’s ( both with different abilities) so how do i know which is the right one????

Bart Simpson says:

great great video
thanks a lot

nircMD says:

i figured as much. am just so surprised that you dont own them yet. it seems like you own the expansions for almost every game you really like.

Kalle Niemi says:

RftG is probably my favourite game. I’ve only played a few times with just the base game as I instantly realized I love the game and bought all three expansions for it.

Early on we tried playing with all three expansions, but it was just too much for us making the game fiddly and uncontrollable, so we went back to playing with the first two expansions and no attacking. We played it that way *a lot* and then a while back we added the third expansion in and it flows really nicely. I enjoy the new cards and the prestige mechanic (which we were completely unable to control before). You definitely should get the expansions and play with the first two without attacking. The expansions multiply the different strategies in the game and it’s just incredible how many ways there are to collect VP. I’ve played >200 games and I discover new combinations pretty much every time we play. 

(btw research labs doesn’t produce, it just gives you cards based on how many yellow goods you produced)

Giovanni Colombi says:

LoL! GREAT!!!!

Ajay Dorn says:

50,000 views and 0 thumbs down. Quite remarkable. I’ve had this on my shelf for years and I think I’m finally ready to tackle this crazy iconography. Thanks Rahdo.

WeeklyMeta says:

this review made me buy this game. So much better than most reviews 😀

newkillerstar26 says:

This is far and away the best video I’ve seen on this game. I’ve been on the fence with this game for so long, but this looks like a blast (no pun intended). Thank-you so much for doing a video on this game!

Stefan Hammarsten SRF says:

Thank you for this Rahdo. Will be playing this game for the first time tonite and this video, toghether with the extended, really game me a good view of the whole gameplay and rules. Keep up the good work 😀

dotXem says:

Thank you a lot ! This was a quick way to learn how to play the game and your voice is very enjoyable !

Burak ÖZKAN says:

Wow! You did an awesome job explaining the game dude! Thanks a lot!

Stephen Tudor says:

I’m really happy that you ran through Race. One of my faves. Expansions 1&2 take the game to amazing heights.

nircMD says:

am very surprised that you are don’t own any expansions for RfTG, considering how much you love the game.

tokemoke says:

I absolutely love how you teach games. It makes teaching others so much easier “Just watch Rahdo.” Stop shaking cards at the camera! XD

Stephen Poulin says:

This game looks like a barrel of fun…I wonder though , R.F.T.G or Core Worlds?

adam heeley says:

you walk the fine line of excess speed talking and actually teaching the game well, excellent job. best review on the internet for this game….and now im going to buy it. 

TheRamboBeast says:

Nice job, bruh. Also, nice gender stereotyping (male = military, female = pacifist)

TheSnoopyclone says:

Thanks for the video and instructions but I learned that I don’t like these type of games.

Martin Lee says:

I like to think that Jen’s actually his ex wife. She left him because he played too many board games but he can’t accept this so just pretends she is playing two player games with him.

Boardgames Herald says:


kasura9 says:

Hey rahdo, could you go into why you like Glory to Rome more than RftG?

burmashave says:

You’ve got a great way of getting to the heart of a game quickly! Enjoyed it.

Lem Lordje Ko says:

I subscribed because your voice and speaking style is so conducive to learning. If you are a university professor, I’d love to attend your classes.

TheGreatHamEl says:


HarfangX says:

Thx for this one… been looking at this one from a far for a long while… I really think this one would be great for my gaming group

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