RACE FOR AIDS – GTA 5 Gameplay

“Nick, I’ve tried everything: the embassy, the German government, the consulate. I even talked to the U.N. ambassador. It’s no use, I just can’t bring my wife to orgasm.”

Race: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/pc/jobs/job/kfg2Cp2-gkiSsZ6aYXTlng#

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Kevin Duggan says:

i strongly appreciate Bones’ hat #Boston

Robert Frazier says:

i just have a fast trick to obtain unlimited Mønεy! it’s here ➡️️ getpocket.com/s/M5D97?gta5online

Kevin Kostic says:

…busting out the stealth AIDS… My pussy’s tricked out with AIDS!
Nicki Minaj… perhaps this could be an answer to Remy Mar?

Fuzzy Dunlop says:

Orson Welles you fucking Philistine.

marfarfel says:

also spoiler: one version of aids can morph to another and gain drug resistance again and again til you have super aids

Daniel Dominguez says:

I feel like I’ve seen this video before.

FearlessKneegro says:

what’s aids

spellbinderlord says:

This video gave me aids.

no14sure says:

Micro-stabs Lawrence?! It’s called FEATHERING!

Turd Ferguson says:

I had a weird dream that Elyse and Daisy Ridley from Star Wars were home improvement workers and got hired to work at my house, but like real life neither had any experience and my house was ruined.

Soni Sandhu says:

persona 4 is a great game lawrence. You do you.

Bussler Hustler says:

What’s your favorite to-go flask liquor, Lawrence?

WeAreTheDynamicDuo says:

I’m in my prime?! Fuck man, should I start thinking about my retirement plan?

Rolofunk says:

tom hardy is fucking hot

D-Lion says:

Never did I imagine that there would be a crossover between my University studies and Funhaus but, lo and behold, you make some on point poetry jokes. Have you guys (and gal, Elyse) ever considered an off-shoot education channel?

Revengeance says:

You can actually catch 2 different strains of AIDS. It’s actually called Super AIDS. Not s joke

robberblood says:

Adam’s plastic surgery looks good!

Cameron Pettit says:

What’s the song for the super replay?

RVD3002 says:

This is a very blue episode of gta gameplay.

itsmebrad19 says:

Tom Hardy is 5′ 9″ … No man under 6′ gets my respect

izzes says:

I also would appreciate sit in home and finish Persona 4 for the rest of my life. I feel ya Lawrence.

Ryan Kenley says:

Elyse and James at 9:39 are hilarious

LeGuilt says:

Adam looks so different in this video

Sum Gey WeeB says:

Always love to see an appearance from Great value Adam!

Psycho Turtle says:


CCKillbilly says:

Weird question.

Note: Im 20 years old if you wanna rub it in.

Can women get AIDS/HIV and give it to others as well? I ask because every time someone jokes about AIDS or talks about it seriously, its always HE or HIS and a man.

Go ahead, laugh at me for asking a serious question.

gzerox2 says:

Little do they know that super aids exists

Stephen Kamps says:

That moment when you realise Funhaus isn’t funny without Bruce and Adam… but more importantly WITH Lawrence… get this crap out

Kid I know says:

“my pussy is tricked but with aids” lmfaoooooooo

malyfsborin says:


Fray says:

The funhause comment section is brilliant

Antonio Barrios says:

Tom hardy is pretty hot, but what about Ed Hardy?

Neuroticmancer says:

Oscar Wilde was a fly as fuck motherfucker

honkhonk5000 says:

Lawrence is slowly turning into a member of Workaholics

Frankie Arnold says:

You literally got super aids. I’m not kidding you look it up.

CMike44 says:


Oyasumi Chu2 says:

it’s not even hard to finish Persona 4 smh Lawrence

DodgyMckay says:

Why did they hire a Jeremy Dooley lookalike for this video?

honkhonk5000 says:

Why does Elyse keep getting funnier

dcd10able says:

Lol bones was raging

Rokinstu98 says:

Aids is treatable. You can even become what’s called “Undetectable” where you’re basically 99% healthy.

Varoujan Makdesian says:

where the fuck are adam and bruce to tell lawrence to shut the fuck up

Jack Zapsalis says:

2:17 oh fuck I think that’s hosier lane in Melbourne

PotholesInMyLawn says:

Elyse’s vagina ..mac and cheese sounds… could life be any better???

✪ Safoma says:


Aftertaste says:

Wrong, there is always the fear of contracting super aids.

TuPaCaLyPsE1872 says:

James’ sister is so hot

12nightmare34 says:

this video was fucking awesome, A+ banter.

Maxxy9090 says:

When I start making YT vids I wanna be the Jay Baruchel of Funhaus

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