PS4 – MIDDLE-EARTH Shadow Of War Trailer (Lords of the Rings Game, 2017)

PS4 – MIDDLE-EARTH Shadow Of War Official Trailer
© 2017 – Warner Bros.
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MohammadH Shakil says:

Im fucking exited

Gabriel Pimentel says:

pepino….. :v

irishpugwtf says:

none of the new comments are showing up, big brother is watching

The Last Black Saiyan says:

am i the only one thats excited af to see a blackguy in lord of the rings

Leo Veide says:

Finally can’t w8 I want this game soo much

irishpugwtf says:

this is pretty gay

Иван Вячеславович says:

Откуда блядь взялся нигер? Что то у Толкиена я нигеров не припоминаю. Тупая пиндоская толерантность. У них наверно и Саурон – индеец

Xaero188 says:

1:16 Was dat…BALROG? They brought fokin’ Balrog in the game?! I have no idea how true is it to Silmarillion’s plotline (as it’s the only Middle-Earth book I haven’t read) but it’s goddamn awesome!

Matthew Ostolaza says:

Umm, August 22nd ? If there’s no multiplayer I’m not getting it

ASAP Killuminati says:

The lord of the rings movies look dumb never watched them not sure how many there are BUT I did play Shadow of Mordor and it was pretty damn fun

john j ninja says:



0:14 hey look a black guy

Joel Nyango says:

walalalalala eeeh eeeh eehh maaamaa awesome!!!!!

SomeRandomDoctor says:

Nice. Hopefully the free roam isn’t as repetitive as SOM

Nadir Siddique says:

Hit like if you wish this was a movie trailer

Augusto Sant Anna says:

no gameplay, mean shit.

Alex TT-zer0 says:

The visuals look extrordinary…just PLS make the game far more challenging…

Talion 2k says:

looks dope

Trix says:

Is that the fucking balrog, you shall not pass nigga

OfWeave says:

This was some insane movie trailer shit. just thought I got done watching a trailer for a new LoTR movie.

Davis Smith says:

“I’m cumming for you.” Same.

24nori says:

i’ve missed it

clannoire says:

Nothing will convince the TalionxCelebrimbor shipper in me that they aren’t forging a wedding ring 🙂

Rodolphe Bakhache says:

is this a fucking movie or a game lol

Dallon J says:

thumbnail look like bendadick cucumberpatch

HAYveku says:

hopefully the gameplay actually changes in this one

aznpanda510x says:

i don’t like to climb towers to unlock map. let me brain wash someone and make him climb the ranks by poisoning the one they have to fight or weaken him and take whatever land they control . Plus I get to see what they see.

fullflyjordan says:

IGN better give it a good review or they might get sued.

David Gosda says:

I don’t know how I feel about this the trailer is beyond amazing. I wanna see the game play don’t get me wrong lord of the rings in the best but the last game for the 360 slightly sucked..

Olorix says:

Game of the year !!!!!

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