PS4 Best Games 2017 Trailer Playstation 4 Upcoming Games

PS4 Best Games 2017 Trailer Playstation 4 Upcoming Games

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Gamer Guy says:

I expected a good start for 2017 then I see Detroit become human

Bling Gaming says:

Matterfall… where have I seen this

rodrigo gonzalez says:

Its just me or half of these “Upcoming Games” were announced in the 2016`s PS4 Best Games

John F says:

If these are the best games then i’m very disappointed.

Jobe Jacobs says:


Dixon Cider says:

God of War??? Spiderman????

josymaru says:

this video is a lie most of the games were anounced for 2016, copy and paste for the promo video of 2017? this is why the consoles are waste of money.

Real ShindizeR says:

is that it?

ryagen3D says:

Happy New years Ice & Fire Fam!!!!

Buttery Biscuitss says:

lets be real here, the only exclusive worth mentioning would’ve been horizon zero dawn

Le Squelette says:

I like that you say “best games” when nobody didn’t play them. Maybe it will be shit.

TNT Gaming says:

I don’t know why I’m watching this when I have an Xbox one.

First Middle Last says:

Is the PaRappa the Rapper game coming in retail and will it come with the remastered versions of Locoloco and Patapon?

ricijs2000 says:

Ps4 P stands for peasant

shinobixa4 says:

Persona 5!!

Julián Iván says:

i already seen this trailer in 2016

Iman B says:

They didn’t show God of War 4… does this confirm or hint at the fact that it might not come out this year? What a shame… it was easily mine and many others’ most anticipated PS4 exclusive of the year. But to be honest, Injustice 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Assassin’s Creed Empire come first!

GernGeKung AV says:

R.I.P Xbox

jaysonpeters says:

just give us better playstation plus games please

Jhonki Gonzalez says:

I wanna see God Of War, and Also I’m crossing fingers to a New InFamous game



Leong Mun says:

There more upcoming game there only half game i like in this video that i be getting fk all the sport an racing game or online crap

Batman Fanatic says:

My List:
1. Uncharted – The Last Legacy
2. Hellblade
3. Horizon Zero Dawn
4. Yakuza 0

Rest are meh….and crap indie games,.

Adolfo Perez Guadamuz says:

and… Crash? O.o not it exclusive? so… can the xbox or switch people play it?

Captian Kneli says:

where is crash bandicoot??

Jimmy Xiong says:

ghost recon wild lands?

Sebastian Ortiz says:

When are you gonna start episode 3 of the walking dead I’ve been waiting forever.

lowkey kinky says:

looks amazing

James Love says:

OMG WHAT IS YOUR outtro song that plays at the end!?!!?!???!

Ethan The Creator says:

So all these games are PS4 exclusive and the other mentioned games for 2017 that weren’t here will be for both consoles (PC possibly included), right?

Shelton Díaz says:

the graphics are cute..

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