They are Billions is a Zombie Apocalypse Strategy game which has the player managing a colony against billions and billions of zombies. This survival strategy game has the players try and survive as long as possible against massive waves of zombies. They are Billions gameplay is here with the latest version of the They are Billions game. Welcome to this They are Billions early access! Let me know if you like They are Billions Gameplay Lets Play! They are Billions download comes to those who buy the game. Massive Defenses Vs Zombie Invasion!

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They Are Billions is a strategy game in a distant future about building and managing human colonies after a zombie apocalypse destroyed almost all of human kind. Now there are only a few thousand humans left alive that must struggle to survive under the threat of the infection. Billions of infected roam around the world in massive swarms seeking the last living human colonies.
Game Modes

They are billions guide and they are billions impressions

In the campaign mode, you have to help the surviving humans to reconquer their country. There are dozens of missions with different goals: building colonies, tactical missions, rescue missions… You can decide the path of progress and mission – research new technologies, advances and upgrades to improve your colonies and army.

Survival Mode
In this mode, a random world is generated with its own events, weather, geography, and infected population. You must build a successful colony that must survive for 100 days against the swarms of infected. It is a fast and ultra addictive game mode. We plan to release a challenge of the week where all players must play the same random map. The best scores will be published in a leaderboard.
Real Time with Pause

This is a real-time strategy game, but don’t get too nervous. You can pause the action to take the best strategic and tactical decisions.

Build your Colony

Build dwellings and acquire food for the colonists. They will come to live and work for the colony.
Collect resources from the environment using various building structures. Upgrade buildings to make them more efficient.
Expand the energy distribution of the colony by placing Tesla Towers and build mills and power plants to feed the energy to your buildings.
Build walls, gates, towers, and structures to watch the surroundings. Don’t let the infected take over the colony!
Build an Army

What kind of people would want to combat the infected?
Only the maddest ones. Train and contract mercenaries to protect the colony. They demand their money and food, and you will have to listen to their awful comments, but these tormented heroes will be your best weapon to destroy the infected.
Every unit is unique and has their own skills and personality – discover them!
Thousands of Units on Screen

Yes! They are billions! The world is full of infected creatures… they roam, smell, and listen. Every one of them has their own AI. Make noise and they will come – kill some of them to access an oil deposit and hundred of them will come to investigate.
We have created our custom engine to handle hordes of thousands of the infected, up to 20,000 units in real time.
Do you think your colony is safe? Wait for the swarms of thousands of infected that are roaming the world. Sometimes your colony is in their path!
Prevent the Infection

If just one of the infected breaks into a building, all the colonies and workers inside will become infected. The infected workers will then run rabid to infect more buildings. Infections must be eradicated from the beginning, otherwise, it will grow exponentially becoming impossible to contain.
Beautiful 4K Graphics!

Prepare to enjoy these ultra high definition graphics. Our artists have created tons of art pieces: Beautiful buildings with their own animations, thousands of frames of animation to get the smoothest movements and everything with a crazy Steampunk and Victorian style!


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Rob Andrews says:

To be honest, you should play more of this.

Camden Yu says:

MOAR, um, try to do a game without building more than 8 great ballistas

Derek Rocketfingers says:

I bet he was thinking of Chicken Pot Pie

donald burke says:

Its a corndog

Decimus19 says:

“Shit in my throat severely impacts the way I make money.” MasterofRoflness 2017

Martin Stuvland says:

That Cartman impression was spot on!

Immortal Myst Myst says:

Does his friend have a yt channel

majormajorasic says:

Last night WAS amazing! – Thot

Mike Peterson says:

I love this game. And I would subscribe to your channel, except everything about you and your personality is ridiculously endemic about why YouTube fans drift towards men who are trying to make a living in this space in the UK, instead of the US. … It’s because US YouTubers, especially the young fucktard asshole YouTubers who can’t in any way get laid, are dismissive, rude, cruel, thoughtless, and mean, to even other men who are trying to help them on their channels. And you are the archetype of this problem. You’re an asshole brother, I’m sorry, but this is what you are. So I’m here to tell you, to go fuck yourself. You are an immature childish asshole, and you get what you deserve. Figure out how to be kind to people, or go fuck yourself. I’m not even kidding.

Prince Goodlooking says:


Jared NA says:


Nathan Davidson says:

i thought his cartmen impression was pretty good

chimmy906 says:

you continuously clicking through the building options is annoying as hell bro

Staminoflaus says:

I’m here for boobs.

Krases says:

Omg this conversation. “Didn’t Mel Brooks say he wanted to kill all jewish people”. Mel brooks being Jewish and proud of being Jewish.

Jeff Nab says:

you were maxed out on resources most of the time, you could benefit from a market and/or bigger storage

ernesto ortiz says:

I am triggered by the pronunciation of “galletas”. He said “saladas” well enough, but the double L in “galletas” is supposed to be pronounced as if it were a Y. (The Spanish language is weird, I know, we’re sorry.)

Ramon609 says:

Dude the guy who gave you 9-10 minutes to survive has a voice thats close to my voice and its weirding me out lol

HospitalerSt says:

God damn it, what was the dairy meal at the end?

flying ninja213 says:

my best was around 60 days without changes to settings before the horde F me T.T
this game so hard if you arent able to get good choke points to defend

Xyro says:

Rofl got distracted by boobs

romain duquesne says:

Napoleon Total war III Guys !

JohnnyCageRock says:

Rofl Apocalypse Now was made by Francis Ford Coppola not Stanley Kubrick. Or were you aware and said that for the memes?

David Bowser says:

Billy Madison was better than all of them

FalafelWaffle says:

I get so irritated with this game sometimes. The ballista won’t attack some zombies and then when I’m busy dealing with something on the other side of my base, they break through. I had a lovely base too…..

SparkzHearts says:

Bought it, but…. “Due to the high demand, we are limited the total beta/testers for now. The Steam Keys will be given when the game is released on Steam Early Access or when we decide to expand the beta testing community. We will try to release it as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconveniences, we have right now too many beta players. Thank you very much for your comprehension.
As soon as we release the Steam Early Access version we will send you the Steam Key “

Lapin Fluffy says:

If i could remove his comment about anything else than the game i totally would.

Alexander Lightwood says:

This looks like a zombie version of age of empires. Love the gameplay by the way. 🙂

magikonkuiz says:

this is the best version of Rachel. keep getting slightly tipsy rachel

Casey Adams says:

ROFL you get cock for 12 minutes sick memes xd

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