Political City Building Game! – Urban Empire Gameplay | Let’s Play Urban Empire Part 1 (English)

Urban Empire Gameplay Ep 1 – Von Pfilzens! Gameplay from Let’s Play Urban Empire Part 1. From Kalypso, Urban Empire is a ‘City Ruler’ strategy game that combines city builder features with political scheming and adds profound social and historical events into the mix, creating a whole new gameplay experience.

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In Urban Empire you take control of a mayoral dynasty and lead your city and people through 200 years of history. Establish infrastructures, plan city districts, debate political decisions at the town council, bribe or blackmail your opponents, empower the democratic rights of your people or ignore them and reign supremely by yourself – the decision is yours!

Urban Empire Gameplay – Era 1 playthrough from the publishers of the Tropico series. More on release date! #UrbanEmpire #EnglishGameplay


Haspio Putra says:

I hope you keep making this series, dude

TheTeremaster says:

Apparently the developers of this game work in the same town as Colossal Order, dev of Cities: Skylines. Just a bit of interesting trivia

zaki setiawan says:

mr falcon please make more urban empire

MrWatchyourhead says:

Hallo from Vienna the City Gerbert seems to be from XD.

Admir Karalic says:

I’ve found you and subbed, I see a bright future for you *He said while looking straight at the sun*

Jetijan says:

Kaisershafen is German and means Emperor’s Port

Tanku 666 says:

LOL, you are playing violent take over of society in disguise 😀 LOL, no schools, police, firemen, security and Etc did not exist before high taxes? 😉

freeportskrill says:

did he just really “that’s what she said” on himself?

Cyber samurai 63 says:

why English in the title is the game foreign?

Carl Golli says:

What I don’t get is that you can have a left wing conservative or a right wing liberal. Like wut.

styx85 says:

Why do you spend your goodwill trying to convince those who are firmly against your proposals? Surely it’s more economical to just convince the swing votes.

Der Kaiser says:

the g is a hard sound

EmeraldBayMovies says:

Anyone else think that the logo for this game looks like a middle finger?

Gregor Slana says:

even in game left are retarded

Zenithus Hades says:

That’s what she said..

Richard Ballan says:

Interesting game. Not interesting to watch you play it. Need a quicker summary/trailer when the game comes out.

Here’s my thumbs up anyway

Gamerizer says:

I believe it’s meant to be “Herbert”…

ahmad magdy says:

1:55 what is hitler doing on the left ?

Travis Kennedy says:

Oh a sea side city in Austria….. WAIT A MINUTE

Lukas Kelly says:

make more please

Rodrik Cassel says:

Its Like middle finger aala

htf5555 says:

Actually that is a bearded Irish man.

Bill The Bull Gates says:

i didn’t get past 10 seconds……. I gotz to get this game!

dizzystj says:

Yo I like your gaming style nice job

Adam McCluskey says:

I will need this game in my life

Mr. Legend says:

This is pretty interesting, it’s like a blend of CIV and Cities: Skylines, I like it alot 😀

The Origami Fox says:

Glad this came up in recommendations, subscribed!

+GeneralAZZA+ says:

Looks like Kalypso took some pointers from Skylines.

Blendomatik says:

It’s so funny how you pronounced the German names 😀

AshValen says:

Is that just me or thumbnail look like its showing middle finger.

Dj Josey says:

и каем уп оф рокщ

Hakan Özbay says:

that logo looks just like a huge middle finger

arandomkenyan says:

#Liked&Subbed thank you for the video!!

Battlemage15 says:

One of those families is my family name. Yeah, know who I’m playing first.

TheBossBark says:

This game looks cool, it it dives more into the political side of city building.

Richi Arditya says:

how much the game will cost me on steam?
dont asked me to go to steam because i am on my cellphone

قيس الجدياني | QGamer_Ar says:

more more more !

Bangon Kali says:

What is the game engine for this game?

Tomerant Wild says:

am i the only one noticing that middle finger shit in games logo…. just look at the buildings 😛 like wtf
Well fuck you too!

wonjunchunv says:

who put a school in a industrial area you douche.

D K says:

This on mac?

Chaoslord48 says:

you need to click on the event pop-ups in the lower left. you are missing out on big events!

Seek says:


Lex Sietses says:

was this sponsored content or not?

Lowry says:

So this is like grandpa SimCity4 telling tropico to grow up and have his cousin Cities Skylines as his inspiration?

misster490 says:

Did only I see middle finger in a logo? XP

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