PlayStation 4 Pro Games Trailer @ 2160p 4K (60fps) HD ✔

►► Remember to select 2160p HD ◄◄
Upcoming games for the PS4 Pro and PS4

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Saood Masood says:

ps4 pro is the best

kio kesh says:

Wait so these games are only available on the pro?

Dradeon says:

2160p viewing pleasure

randy huang says:

this is so amazing

BritishFifa says:


Dion Stonom says:

this isnt in 60fps wth! this is 24-30fps.

Solar_Steel says:

That sneaky mass effect ending tho

Dion Stonom says:

they already stated that mass effect will only run 30fps on both consoles. please stop IGN you guys done enough lying

Ahmed Alhosani says:

Can anyone name all these games ?

sanic hedgehog says:

So you’re telling me I have to buy an entirely new console to play Spider-Man

Mangekyo Sharingan says:

4k is impossible with 4.2 tflops
is 1440p or upscaled

Thomas MKW says:


The Coalition says:

Hahaha. Classic careful advertisement to trick idiots in thinking its real 4k. look a the bottom of the screen. Over half this shit is upscaled and will be 30fps…….

Ed Kazaragy says:

so horizon zd and spider man and every ps exclusive they showed at e3 2016 are ps4 pro only ??

Lucky 7s says:

what was the first game at the beach scene?

RubyRoseTheWolf says:


Davis Donacien says:

I swear I better be able to trade in my ps4 and just have to pay a $100 difference.

yolanda Kikou says:


TheNadDad says:

what game is that at 0:46

ernie samora says:

is there a 60fps version of the kingdom hearts III trailers?

Black Omega Ent says:

Ok im gonna have to ask Sony to go ahead and release the title of their new Spiderman game.

arya joy says:

what is bgm..?

TomOfDaHook17 says:

Uncharted 4! 4k!!!!!

Tron11Nik says:

what’s the name of the song?

Suk Mikehok says:

it’s so funny because the ps4 pro won’t even be able to run at 60 fps even without their so called “4k”

Blackjackreggie says:

damn it i was hoping to see fucking spidey gameplay

Maximus says:

my boi spidey!!!

Oh NO! I said my Opinion!?! says:

Really bold of Sony to host an event the same day as Apple’s WWDC.

Theodore Williams says:

Is it me or I’m not seeing that much of a difference. Like I can tell that the resolution is better, but it doesn’t seem that it’s that much of difference for 400 dollars

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