PLAY AS GOD! – Survival/City Builder Game – Universim Ep 1 (Universim Gameplay)

Universim Ep 1 (Universim Gameplay)
Leave the farms and cities behind, jump straight into managing your
own planets in The Universim, a brand new God-game
in development by Crytivo Games and Alexander Koshelkov.
More info on Universim:

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Vogiir says:

this reminds me off the old populous games, nice throwback

Tobhammie maker of nothing says:


fucketh thou says:

Just slow down and pay attention please! I know everyone else has already said something but it’s hard to watch you not find something jusy because you are going too fast and not paying attention.

smikey squad says:

More of the game

Alex Hernandez says:

Can I be a nugget? Love you videos❤

Werid Mr Cheese says:

You passed the reservware several times

Marc Wainwright says:

Can you name one after me

Lee01Mr says:

I want to be a nugget

Vanessa says:

Maybe think about not giving the most interesting parts of the video away before the intro.
But I’m enjoying your videos. Keep on going.

Krunoslav Mohorić says:

game is great but that reservoir you almost clickd it hoverd it 5 times and you didnt find it pissed me off

Bruce Fournier says:

This game looks cool. Hope you do lots more!

BeasternLand says:

Omg they are actually called nuggets I was confused after the intro but that’s adorable


royal add my name SR GAMER plz I love your vids you are best in both channel I watch your rainbow six siege I love it

RabonVonSkittles says:

Royal, bud, slow down. 😉

ImperceptibleShade says:

What if we live in a game like this but way more realistic graphics and we don’t even know it. Our every move could be controlled by some person that lives in a civilization which is way more technologically advamced than us that is sitting in a chair right now and playing a game.

Noah Kibby says:

This is my first comment ever…. can you give them last names and create separate families and see how they mingle?

Whirlwind God says:

Great job dude please play more and keep up the great work!

jadaki 56 says:

Hey Royal love this video. Tip put down the water pumps but keep at least 3-4 pumps on a lake and the arrow on the buildings means thats the entrance to it do you have to rotate it so it keeps your pathways organized

Daddy Ray ray says:

I love this game

Blackstalker O•O says:

Name one chicken.

Ian Callias says:

Name one Ian please

SnowyWolf1805 says:

I love this so much please do more and it’s pretty funny, more please

Alex Baciu says:

this game is amazing, please do more

Jacob Goldschmidt says:

My name Jeff

Eddy says:

Wait what …our we nuggets :-/ aaahhhh lol
Don’t no How i would be feel about royal being being our god tho !!
I think we are all Guna die peeps 🙂 hahha

Nicholas Petridis Strandberg says:

u are truely blind u went by the reservoir 5 times and saying i cant find it xD

karmanya sharma says:


Josh Shacklock says:

Well it aint quite black and white but eh god games are always thin on the ground.

Reece Fowler says:

I love people who do these sort of games you vids are awesome

ajboy games says:


Speedy's Lyrics says:

Royal do more of this! Love your vids!

Thedorko80 says:

Passed the reservoir up a couple times its all good though shit happens, as long as your enjoying the game for what it is its alright thats all that really matters. GG NO RE lol

keri ledoux-turnbull says:

u should do more videos

Blackrock Games says:

You passed the resivor lmaooo

Baron Black Dragon says:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Slime ranger pro take edvice plz Pro says:

I like it a lot plz do more

Suicdal Chicken says:

My name can be a nugget if you think about it.

Jokoda says:

I’d absolutely love to have a nugget named after me my dude lol

shagged 1973 says:

Roman pillars with a dome at the top and I think I saw some thing blue ):



Oinkers Gaming says:

Why are you tubers such idiots? I mean you literally hovered your mouse over the thing you are looking for and say where the fuck is it

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