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So, we build a city after the apocalypse on a cliff, here’s something different. Today we need to build a city out in the Wild West! With only a handful of pioneers we take to the wildness in our carriage we must fend off wild animals, bandits, the weather, and just about everything else in order to make a wild west city.

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ABOUT: Depraved

In Depraved you lead the pioneers of the Wild West. You start in a procedurally generated world with only one carriage full of resources into your adventure.
Select a suitable place for your first settlement and procure building materials from mother nature or by trading to create a new home country for your residents. The happier your residents are, the faster your town will grow.
Supply your residents with food and water, so that they won’t starve or die of thirst. Protect them against the weather and against illnesses by supplying them with clothes and fire wood.

You will have to face numerous dangers. Storms, illnesses and bandits will strike at you, and also your own residents can become a danger, if you do not meet their needs. Are you ready for this challenge?

The residents of Drepraved have needs. Their basic needs are hunger and thirst which you can satisfy with food and water. In addition, every population type needs another food source. If your population type experiences a shortage of food and the preferential food is not available, you can nourish them with an alternative food source – however, this will affect the mood of your residents in a negative way. Unhappy residents commit raids and other criminal offenses or simply leave the town.

The happier the residents of your town are, the more popular life in your town will become and more and more colonist will join you. If your town experiences famines, illnesses or lawlessness, the residents of the town will turn their backs and the streets will resemble a ghost town.
The Wild West is dangerous! Dozens of challenges must be faced. There are different areas in which your residents can settle down – however, each of them is known for its own challenges. While in the desert the food and water supply remains a difficulty, in the snowy areas you can only resist by a constant supply with fire wood.

Another danger comes from the surrounding animals. Even if most animals avoid humans, you should be cautious with wolves or bears. They can cause heavy injuries to your residents.

Also surrounding camps and bandits can become dangerous. Do not underestimate them, because they rob your residents and commit raids. Such attacks affect the safety feeling of your residents and cost you valuable resources.


End Card By Exandria:

Hello everybody, I’m Gray! I love doing let’s plays and tutorials of games, such as Happy Room, Conan Exiles, Raft, My Summer Car, Hello Neighbor, Brick Rigs, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, and BeamNG.Drive. I’ve got at least two new videos coming out every day focusing on gameplay, tutorials, tips and tricks, and bonus videos coming out of the newest Indie games as well. Thanks for checking me out!


Bald golden Gamer says:

Will this be coming out for the mac

Jacob and Steve Reinhart says:

Make deprave a series pls.

Kerm8 says:

that planet coaster fake thumbnail… scummy behaviour

MegaBluebone says:

screw the church! they need a saloon!

Tomck912 says:

Keep doing this series

Aquaphile Tux says:

This game looks really fun 🙂

Carson the Robloxian says:

I like I just want more shooting. 🙂

Zaire White says:

I love it

dean obrien says:


Nonsense Studios says:


Zamirrul Lee says:

Play more of this game Gray!! Haha make it a series…

blackoutsi says:

Ostriv was way better….they’ve been working on it more too.

Sixto Placencia says:

Keep it up Gray.

Daniel Torres says:

We need more of this gray please

Jack Hajewski says:

Instead of putting a fishing dock there just put a bridge then docks on the other side.

Osvaldo Salcedo says:

Make more frostpunck

Soul The Famoose Kitten says:

This game really reminds me of Banished

Karter Shepherd says:

This is a dope game

Irish Lass says:

I always wanted to live back in the days. The Medieval Old West days that is. Thanks for the video!

Ronus Bloodsmith says:

this looks like a great sim builder game. I love the Wild West concept. Just hope the developer continues with it and not give up like many have lately.

Cathairez says:

Maybe the bandit was on the way to church to repent.

GeneralColts2012 says:

Need to see more of this! great video!

Gamecock Justin says:

I really like it

Hogiewan1 says:

Looks like a great game. Just put it on my Steam wishlist!

Thamir Al-Agl says:

i know this came out in 08 but im not able to find any info on it online. even Gameloft site comes back blank

GrayStillPlays says:

Well…crap. The Youtube processing took so long it released after the scheduled time I put in…so uh, sorry for 360p for at least a few minutes. Let’s see if we can get at least 600 comments about 360p :P.

FLYBOYproductions94 says:

“if you go down to the woods today your in for a big surprise, for every bear that ever there was that wandered near died because Gray got his hunter man to shoot them between the eyes” (x_x)

Eric Jumper says:

where can i find this game?

Guy Smith says:

The train tracks beg the question: why did your settlers travel there in a wagon?

Aidan Pendse says:


Compugasm says:

Wow, I also use 8675309 as my seed in other games that take seeds. But, unfortunately, you typed 8675230 as your seed. So, you’re out of the club. Turn in your membership card.

Deathlok67 says:

The game looks interesting so far…
As with these indie games I would be interested in what type of end game it tries to build towards. A lot of indie games fail to fill out the game and most if not all effort is put into graphics and sound.
– Eddy

CrnCS says:

Pls more PC building simulator pls

Strannik Gaming says:

Awesome commentary throughout – Great personality

Jensonsmartypants mpc says:

At 30:32 the hoarse with a carriage goes through the river somehow

Jeremy Waugh says:

lumber jack camp

Noah Heathcoat says:

Please play more

Kooduh says:

should built to make weapons as early as possible

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