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Overwatch is a highly stylized team-based shooter set on earth in the near future. Every match is an intense multiplayer showdown pitting a diverse cast of soldiers, mercenaries, scientists, adventurers, and oddities against each other in an epic, globe-spanning conflict.

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Gale Feels Good says:

The game looks so bad in this lol, what were they thinking when they put that circle in the middle of the point

R E s o says:


irene tsang says:

I love the gorilla


I already got my 5th star and Ive just now seen the trailer lol

TimTalksTV says:

Great to see how much its changed

MrMisty says:

this was 2 year ago

George McGinty says:

Time to reap 🙂

Sasonix says:

OMG Tracers eyes on minute 0:52

E Tone says:

And then God said “Let there be perfection. Except Bastion”

Peter Török says:

okay okay but where’s doomfist?

Pepanie The frog says:

2 years already?? TF?

Srangcamg says:

Who r watching 2017?

Nexa Elite says:

At 0:49 you can hear the reverse flash music theme but more faster. Copyright much?!?

ItalianOfficialGamer says:

2 years ago…shiiiieet bruh

ItzCosmic - Overwatch and More! says:

Bastion is still op guys…

Northreyar says:

Its weird to see how the voice acting for phara, mercy and widowmaker were drastically changed. both mercy and widow sound way more deep and didn’t have any accent

ZapChopHD says:

Widowmaker didn’t even have a french accent lol

Nikolaisn says:

Two years?!

bbthecool says:

Was soldier 76 not in the game yet? Lol

freakjob0 says:

Glad they changed the voice for Pharah.

Amir Kadyrov says:

Doesn’t the backround music sounds like the flash tv show

el_millonaty_xX says:


MatheusHSC15 says:

It looked so bad back then, never thought I’d be over level 400 in it

Chasa Houston says:

lmao I feel like the only one who noticed widowmakers voice is so low in this

Fephis says:

I remember hyping Overwatch with my brother

Crazphrazy says:

Is this Paladins?

Viral Ascend says:

There used to be blood?

유튜버가 꿈이란다 아가야 나는 says:

이영상은 곧 전설이 되었다

Arthier Tenekech says:


Thor 144 says:

bastion op?wtf

Werderwayne says:

2:25 people complaining about bastions shield, I’m confused as to why winston can ult while he is ulting

Crax23 Norway! says:

is this da old video?

noppadol thuleechan says:


amirreza hamid says:


Trace Richards says:

It looks like they stole some stuff from tf2 tbh

DanTheTurtle says:

wtf pharas old ultimate sound. I’m dying

André Millioud says:

Time flies…

Liamgames 2 says:

Can someone give me a Pharah death count?

ThatBoyInGreen says:

This is hilarious in 2017, especially Phara

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