Ostriv LIVESTREAM – City/Village Builder – First Look – Let’s Play, Gameplay

Join me as I play Ostriv, a brand new city building game set in times long past. Ensure your colony’s survival by building production chains with houses, farms, and workshops. If you enjoy Banished, and other village/city builders, you’ll love Ostriv! (This video is recorded in the Alpha 1 Build)

Buy on the Website: https://ostrivgame.com/home/

A huge thank you to Yevheniy Yermolayiv for providing me with a game key!

Release Date: 18 October 2017


Discord: https://discord.gg/ybyyaSE
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KatherineOfSky
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katherineofsky/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/KatherineOfSky/

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About Ostriv:
Ostriv aims to raise the bar of city-building experience by adding a huge amount of possibilities and removing annoying limitations. It allows for truly organic town layouts without grid and angle restrictions on a three-dimensional landscape. The goal is to make player’s creations to become alive and believable communities where real-life problems would arise, thus making late game a new challenge rather than a repetitive chore.

You can watch the development of this masterpiece from afar on Facebook and Twitter or you can join by purchasing an alpha and help by providing your awesome (or, even better, awful) feedback!

The current alpha contains 26 basic buildings, 3 maps, advanced farming with crop rotation and ploughing, organic dirt roads modeling, dynamically changing seasons, basic trading by land and some other things you would expect from a city-building game.

A lot of things are yet to be done. Check out the current roadmap to see what’s planned to add before Ostriv would become a finished game.

Roadmap: https://ostrivgame.com/home/

Buy on the Website: https://ostrivgame.com/home/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OstrivGame
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ostrivgame/
Reddit: http://reddit.com/r/OstrivGame/


ColeNOXyd2nd says:

You should play KSP without researching it and fail a few times, it makes great youtube (see nerdcubed’s KSP videos)

Razors Edge says:

This blows banished away.. I covered it the other day and people are raving… Ive been in email with the dev for about a week now.. hes doing a great job. btw I love your coverage. Sub’d.

John Dowson says:

So it’s basically Banished?

Aleksandria Romanov says:

there is no demo right now karen

Puppy says:

Wow, one person made this game? I couldnt ever make this ever, even in an time, as long as time its self!

OriginalLictre says:

At about the time you’d sent a messenger to the city to your northeast, there was a messenger from the city to your southwest in your city, so you could have clicked on that city on the map to find out about trade opportunities at no cost to yourself.

It appears that the second plow you had ordered was in fact available, but it needs 2 oxen to pull, which you couldn’t meet that demand, since you had oxen starve initially.

Derek says:

This game looks cool, I’m glad you’re playing it.

Axel Banzter says:

good times

niac 1234 says:

This game is really close to being excellent. Just need to refine some of the systems, redesign the UI, and give the aesthetic some more character. Maybe add a few more different models of trees and buildings.

Sammy Presser says:

Did you put a manager for the farm

HoraZ86 nope says:

Watching you play the game, and your commentary is always fun 😀 sadly i wasnt able to catch the stream live

JB says:

Thanks for the livestream, I enjoyed it very much. I went and downloaded the game right away. And, reading through the directions I saw that you can prioritize construction. Just click and drag the icons in the upper right corner or your screen. Can’t wait for you next video of Ostriv, and Mashinkey.

Даня Корниенко says:

Hello from Ukraine

BiddinWar says:

Have you seen Frostpunk? Survival City-builder by 11bit Studios (This War of Mine creators)

Tim Gray says:

wheres the face cam?????

Aleksandria Romanov says:

I have played banish and now this new game is coming soon I hope

Peter Mitchell says:

Ah yes, Time Team. RIP MIck Aston.

Serahiel says:

Yeah I enjoyed it a lot as well.

samljer says:

18 people reading 22, children maybe?

funky e porque e é mesmo cat says:

it’s possible to sell peeps to cannibal tribe?

Michael Norman says:

Even my mayor left town on the first game. Trying again… haha. Thanks for your livestream; I’m sure it’s taken many hours off of my learning curve, Katherine. 🙂

PKGameOnly says:

From what I read workers do different things than labourers. So check the definition when you get a chance especially in the farm

zebrin says:

I am going to say this, Thank you very much for not doing the face cam. I hate the damned things, they always waste so much screen space, and attention should be on the game, not on the player’s reactions.

Graxster says:

This game looks really good so far. Especially for an OpenGL game. I hope he eventually migrates it to DirectX though. On another note, I read on the Dev’s twitter that the terrain is formed using the .png map image, so if you know how to work with transparencies and layers, you can create your own maps.

Garth Vader says:

Thanks for doing this.I’m a huge Banished fan and have hundreds of hrs in it.Will be watching this one closely before deciding to buy it.looks good so far.Pls do a series. 🙂

AuricomSystems says:

Could you understand some of the accents on Time Team? We’ve got some special ones here in the UK lol

Peter Mitchell says:

They can’t sow because they haven’t plowed. They cannot plow because they don’t have a plow.

Xterminator says:

Caught the first bit of the stream this morning and instantly had to pick this up for my myself! I’ve wanted a game like this since I was a kid. 😀 One that shows all the building steps in such detail and in this time period. Thanks for showing it off, I’ll definitely have to watch all the through this!

NorthernMonkey says:

I think the construction bars on a build represent a Gantt Chart. Apparently I missed the first 4 hours of the stream… glad I decided to wait for the VOD.

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