Ostriv (First Look) New Banished Style City-Builder – Let’s Play Ostriv Gameplay

Today we’re checking out Ostriv, a new village/city building game much like Banished. Ostriv is another one-man developed game in which you have to take care of all of your young colonies needs.

Ostriv is a city-building game that puts you in a role of a governor of an 18th century town to challenge your creative skills and management abilities. Dive into the story mode and decide the fate of your country, or just build your cities for fun in sandbox mode.

Buy Ostriv Here: https://ostrivgame.com/home/

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Rogue ghost420 says:

Make this daily

Areej Turki says:

yes we want this series please i love this kind of game and thank you

MainesOwn says:

this looks freaking amazing, would be great if you made a series out of this!

NoSlack says:

Leave a LIKE if you guys want to see more Ostriv on the channel! It looks pretty in-depth already and I think it would make for a great series. But, I won’t play it if YOU guys don’t have an interest in it.

cadet space says:

There is a bar at the top to see what u are building

Patty Wormeck says:

1st and like

Rocin'. This UPPP says:

Make a series plz plz I beg you

Rob Murray says:

I can’t see it on Steam anywhere?!?

T says:

need this to be on Steam

john Boo says:

thank you i just bought the game and i just found your youtube channel it is awsome i will subscribe

William Ashman says:

Like it alot those orange things are wind socks. For whatever reason

Cityguysims Cityguysim says:

THANK YOU for playing this game, it looks awesome 🙂

Saucy Penguins says:


Artus John Arguelles says:

Do some more plsss…

Mike Smith says:

Yes, i would like to see where this game goes.

Philip Whittingham says:

make more look’s great

BlueGreen Company says:

Do you know that this new game is created by one person only…?

Car Crazy says:

Get more carts to get resources there faster

1nnu3ndo says:

Feels kind of Wild West, except for the building styles. Would love a Wild West themed game like this.

Joshua Jones says:

Pt 2 plz

Head Space says:

fireplaces are exactly as they used to be. in cold weather countries people would sleep on them to keep warm during cold nights. beds were built in with fireplaces.

Saucy Penguins says:

I love this game

Mckenzie Boyle says:

i like that there’s different house designs instead of just the same model over and over. that’s a really nice touch

Kentavr100 says:

orange thing on fence is jug ))

Tyler Blazey says:

Make this a series!!!!!!!!!

random izer says:

Pls let this be a letsplay and series

Swampy Gaming says:

Do more

Wolfically says:

Think it’s safe to say we want this to be a series…

Bob Smith says:

You’re amazing man. Great videos. Keep this up and you will soon be able to quit your day job, and work for yourself.

Andra Jaine says:

You have to do a follow up. I’m all curious about what happens after winter

Patty Wormeck says:


Jack Harbaugh says:

please more banished if possible

Ottoman Gaming says:

More videos about this game please, since in our time we ain’t got no PlayStation’s or computering computers. XD

Elegard/Imperial Freeblade says:

Wealth is how much money they have if you have no money you are unweathy

Amari Thomas says:

Please please please make more

Breckin Hoechst says:

Don’t spend 2 minutes on worrying about removing a couple trees you get resources from those removed trees.

Jammy Guanah says:

Nice gameplay man!

Lewis Chang says:

Make a let’s play

Clonemep - says:

Make it daily

Guillermo Rodriquez says:


laura mlynarczyk says:

Luke or their house

Cannonball says:

More more more more.

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