Ostriv Ep 5: POPULATION BOOM – City Builder – Let’s Play, Gameplay

Join me as I play Ostriv, a brand new city building game set in times long past. Ensure your colony’s survival by building production chains with houses, farms, and workshops. If you enjoy Banished and other village/city builders, you’ll love Ostriv! (This video is recorded in the Alpha 1 Build)

Buy on the Website: https://ostrivgame.com/home/

A huge thank you to Yevheniy Yermolayiv for providing me with a game key!

Release Date: 18 October 2017

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4o6UvJIdPNrvm6tNIXie_4rDTj1Gzi3g

Discord: https://discord.gg/ybyyaSE
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About Ostriv:
Ostriv aims to raise the bar of city-building experience by adding a huge amount of possibilities and removing annoying limitations. It allows for truly organic town layouts without grid and angle restrictions on a three-dimensional landscape. The goal is to make player’s creations to become alive and believable communities where real-life problems would arise, thus making late game a new challenge rather than a repetitive chore.

You can watch the development of this masterpiece from afar on Facebook and Twitter or you can join by purchasing an alpha and help by providing your awesome (or, even better, awful) feedback!

The current alpha contains 26 basic buildings, 3 maps, advanced farming with crop rotation and ploughing, organic dirt roads modeling, dynamically changing seasons, basic trading by land and some other things you would expect from a city-building game.

A lot of things are yet to be done. Check out the current roadmap to see what’s planned to add before Ostriv would become a finished game.

Roadmap: https://ostrivgame.com/home/

Buy on the Website: https://ostrivgame.com/home/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OstrivGame
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ostrivgame/
Reddit: http://reddit.com/r/OstrivGame/


mike says:

Could the house with the orange pot be the house where the family of the mayor lives maybe?

FearbuxDieb says:

I would probably start to look at all the buildings that require workers and keep people in them, then instead of building new buildings focus on getting a lot more Houses so that you have enough people to keep workers in every building and gradually build new buildings. Also instead of having 1 farm building and waiting for labourers, have 2 farms with the full workers slots filled up so that you can get the harvest faster 🙂

Simon Knibbs says:

It would be nice if the game included social policies, like providing basic food or income for families in need.
22:50 You will need to re-hire the blacksmith. Over 1000 nails for the bridge!

Luis Jalabert says:

how awesome would this game be if there were cats (and maybe dogs)?

ishliss says:

The family out of money is a bug according to many other youtubers. Also quit firing everyone. Regardless of them doing anything they still need income.

James Masters says:

The family, that is poor might have a father who knows fishing, maybe if you built a fishery, he would get some employment. You know because a fisherman can’t be a brain surgeon. JS.

Matthew Brooks says:

i just noticed but i love how the walk-paths have become so defined

Kent Nielsen says:

is the game comming on steam ?

Jim Castor says:

do you know how much flour you get from 1 wheat? is the ratio 1 wheat to 2 flour I wonder, you know like the sunflower is. If it is you can make some money there also. Milling wheat to make flour.

Cody Bainbridge says:


Not2be4gotten02 says:

Disney performer voice: “I think i feel a song coming on!”

Robert Tarcea says:

Continue with the series!!! It’s really fun to watch.

Michael Ware says:

Nice Video,you are getting better at survival.Need to kill some cows and setup the fishing.They need meat and potatoes.

MrSiko says:

Stop hiring and firing all the time plz and I think you need more plow cows to get more plows on the fields

john clark says:

They might not be passing the job interview and not be getting the job lol

BarbikaPahor says:

is there buckwheat in this game? it should be…

NorthernMonkey says:

If I lived in a village where I was trained as a Blacksmith then several times a year I get fired and have to work elsewhere doing jobs I’m not trained in I’d move to another village.

Evan Freudig says:

I think I saw a comment where the clay pot on the fence designates a new baby was born, I am sure it also means what Mun 150 mentioned as well.

warchild421 says:

I think the orange means the house has a new baby. It can be a orange pot, or a bit of scarf.

LatNWarrior says:

I hear the people running out of money is a bug, not sure how true that is… learn the names and pay attention not to fire them when you have the choice to fire someone and see if that works!

mun150 says:

Clay pots are just put on the fences to have them nicely dried. It was done in my grandmother’s home village in Poland. You did the same with shirts and it is probably the same in Ukraine. Remember it was before the times of drying racks aso.

Liana Walter says:

maybe a way to help with the money problem would be to give the women “filler” jobs. Things like gathering up grass to dry for the animals. But I also think the extra farm will help out allot with the unemployment problem you seem to be having. I love this game and I’m enjoying how the village is progressing. See you next time.

Darius Sanguna says:

lol i like how KoS is wondering about the cowlets being born all year, as if any mammal would care about the time of year when it goes to that 😛

Axel Banzter says:


Hugo says:

5:21 in half speed you will see it your richt sunnflower to oil 😛

pls add mayor 😛

Neil Morris says:

You sound like Tank Girl one of Vertiigos pals

Snagabott says:

Should you up the pay for your villagers? Your people seem to be on a pretty tight budget.

MrRare says:

they are probably unemployed due to the fact the you didn’t actually give them a job, my guess is that they actually aren’t working unless there is labor to do (which only happens when harvest or seeding is happening, or when you building something). Oh well.

LatNWarrior says:

Hi KatherineOfSky, I am new to PC gaming, I am presently playing Ostriv and Airport CEO and I am enjoying them both for different and yet the same reason; the management and creating aspect of both games. In Ostriv I manage to get my farms both plowed by two plows and here is how… I have two farms both with six fields. I setup one with 3 potatoes, 2 wheat and 1 sunflowers for year one and the next year all follow. I setup the other farm the opposite being year one all follow and year two just like the other farm; 3, 2 & 1. reassign the three fields to farm two the first year and they will plow three and the other will plow the other three… Or I am sure you can come up with some variation to get it done as you wish… Thank you for sharing and Happy Creating!

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