Ostriv – Ep.01 : First Look – New City-Builder!

Ostriv Gameplay – Ep.01 : First Look – New City-Builder!
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► About the game

Ostriv is a city-building game that puts you in a role of a governor of an 18th century town to challenge your creative skills and management abilities. Dive into the story mode and decide the fate of your country, or just build your cities for fun in sandbox mode.

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YRNK says:

But where is Adidas Shop?

Rubik says:

Ostriv means Island from Ukranian

Олег С says:

“Ostriv” it`s island in ukrainian

Daniil Tkachenko says:

Holy shit, that “ostriv” was so russian


Wonder if they are going to release on Steam. It is the only place I buy games from.

Moh Aviation says:

Does it ever become night?

Bobo Sims says:

Hi, Keralis. Thanks for sharing your experience with this game. Upon seeing this first episode, I immediately HAD to buy me a copy as well. 🙂

Having played only a little bit, I’ve noticed that for best efficiency, once the Forestry is built and some people are hired to work there, it helps to build the Clay Pit, then four houses, then the Thatchery, and then five more houses. It’s also helpful to place some benches and a new Cart Parking close to all the resource buildings (I put them in a small clearing between the Clay Pit and the Forestry), and then remove the ones in the camp. My settlers don’t need to walk around as much, and therefor get more work done. And remember that according to the README.txt, the first year you can concentrate on building only, because – except for firewood – the families all have sufficient stock to survive the first winter.

In my first attempt I was able to finish all the houses and add a Smithy before the end of October. And I didn’t even do all that I mentioned above.
In my second attempt, I’ve already built five houses, and it’s not even June yet. So it looks like I’m going to have oodles of time for all kinds of shenanigans.

eightcupsoftea says:

this game looks amazing! i love the path detail too. i remember when i first found out about this game and saw the paths, i knew i needed to play it :’)

Thorsten Rusch says:

This game looks like 15 years old. Reminds me to very old games 😀

꧁꧂ says:

you are fucking talkative and boring…

Joska Rifinaukr says:

Don’t worry about your English, you speak it better than a good half of native English speakers in the US. But to answer your question, the roof is being raised. I think it’s a matter of who is doing the raising.

Harry says:

amazing game, will buy it near release

Billzy TV says:

Great little first video for what looks like an interesting game. Just subscribed 🙂

Russell Smith says:

What an awesome game!!

Ya Nik says:

Your Russian analog its “Nutbar” channel in youtube))

Easykill2k says:

Cool game, like the details

magggie22 says:

love this game its so darned cute lol….enjoying watching you play this, and nice to meet you Keralis, and may I say your English is very good 🙂 when is the full game coming out and where can I buy it…hope it is available on PC….if it is steam sadly wont be able to buy it as Steam doesn’t accept Paypal so I believe….
keep up the great work, really enjoying your vids of this game 🙂

(oops! just saw your link to where I can buy the game thank you 🙂

have a wonderful day 🙂
magz 🙂

chander kant says:

copy of banished

ImAcat says:

looks like banished but life is feral is way better graphic wise

superdiscount says:


Richard Stiff says:


Pedro Alves says:

This game seems promising!

Your voice is so smooth, loved it

Martin bøeck says:

Love ur vids champ…. But please dont say tjappi sjappi enymore 😉

Ekin Elçi says:


Baleur says:

I just wish the ground under the grass that becomes paths, wasnt GRAY, but a more sandy warm colour.
A bit weird to see everything turn into post-apocalyptic ash roads.

sile says:

This are old romanian house.

Hans Nossing says:

Your pronunciation of italian “R” and Italian names it’s very good! Ciao ragazzo!

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