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Isaac Flores says:


Naweed Motala says:

All the idiots here that are complaining about the game being to repetitive, complaining that you land on a planet, collect and repeat over and over but you can make any game sound simple like:
Uncharted – climb, shoot, solve puzzle, repeat
Battlefield – shoot people, shoot vehicles, shoot from vehicle, repeat
Halo – shoot aliens, drive, fly, repeat
There’s so much more to No Man’s Sky but alot of people are too stupid to see it and just hate but I guess hating is the latest trend, people just like to follow

Kilian Frenzen says:

1:27 What the heck is that thing?!

Carl Hybschmann says:

nice scam

Damian Martinez says:

its just like minecraft craft build survive

Carey Clark says:

its not a bad game after update.. but deff does gets boring ,,imma say good game if u wanna fall asleep and cant ..heard theres a big update not a patch coming soon sooo we will see

Darmen says:

It’s a Trap xDXd

Athora says:

Well…i still think this game needed multiplayer, maybe raids that you can fly too. or boss quest battles you find in transmit logs. They needed an extra year

Razor says:

“As wide as an ocean, but has the depth of a puddle.”
– AngryJoe

Alpha Reaper says:

this game suck in played the game

Leonardo Cuevas says:

you know a bust in nba drafts, that’s no man’s sky

Joaquin12s Schliemann says:

am i the only one Who thinks no man’s Sky is a really good Game?

Mach_ Tone says:

Extremely accurate

Ewe74 says:

Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
Every night i can Feel the lies

Vicente Millao says:

el juego mas mierda que e probado tengo suerte que lo pude vender

Knn B says:

So let me get this straight, people go on an internet rampage because they couldnt handle losing 40 euros,
aiming to ruin the creators life, how pathetic.
When a small amount of people set out to make something that grand, they are probably very passionate, and very
over ambitious, but if they are driven by passion its not like they intend to rip anyone off, they just bit off more than they could chew,
and its a little bit hilarious that people cant relate to that, because hating on it will atleast make sure that it never gets finished, hate is a horrible motivator.

but good on you, for hyping something amongst eachother and then hoping for it to crash and burn when it doesnt deliver, instead of lending some support and understandment
and hoping for it to get patched up.

all that for those 40 euros, that you probably got refuned anyways.

God Creator says:

bought game 80 percent of the time ur confused and lost. lol

Eduardo Navarro says:

the fakest game ever

Beto SDLG says:

no man’s lie :v

Samuel Fernandez says:



Finally, after felt like an eternity I was able to reach the center(yes I kept the game). I had hope that the people that actually made it to the center would see something awesome, an amazing reward, something for the hours spent grinding to get there. I was giving the middle finger from Sean Murray when I arrived, if you’re still playing for some reason, stop right now. Once you reach the center it teleports you back to the outside of another galaxy, to start all over. No cool cutscene, no explaination, I thought it was a glitch but when I looked it up that’s actually what happens. You’re welcome for spoiling it. I feel so bad that I payed for this, so bad that I wasted hours upon hours living on a lie. I used to like Saen, I support small developers, but he is now the person I hate most on this planet. Each planet was so familiar it makes me want to throw up. No animals were cool enough to remember. I do wish nothing but the worst for Sean and his future. Only people who spent the time to beat the game would understand.

Xx OPT10NAL xX says:

They need to bring the past and not the future like were getting tired if this

Mr holiday 12308 says:

well I got this game at game stop for 20$

Channel RG says:

What “LIES” at the centre. Literally.

X.x Justdoitfool x.X 2 says:

Harambe didn’t die for this

Dillon Qaphsiel says:

I feel bad for those people who paid 60 bucks for this game.

julendone 14 says:

this game is incredible

Trailerland says:

Hey guys, we make fan trailers of video games. Check it out and drop a sub if you are interested and have an awesome day! 🙂

Callum Reeves says:

This looks awesome

TigerTank619 says:

the reason the game had no features is because everybody rushed hello games

Smash 3636 says:

If only it was as good as they said it would be

Damian Martinez says:

its just like minecraft craft,build,survive.

Marcelo Martins says:

Que jogo bosta. Tem que ser muito retardado jogar isso.

SuperCMTR CT says:

going to get this on PC I’m so happy it’s not just a PlayStation game

Jonathan Kreitler says:

Almost half a year how much time can you be entry about it? They fixed 70% of the problem they added after 3 months more content then a lot of triple a titles and they are still working on fixing bugs and adding content what you have to complain about?

FishyH Fishdo says:

They should make a submarine game that’s kinda like no mans sky but under water and you can get resources to go deeper under water and find fish and call them things

Rafa HD says:


LittleDude says:

I hate people that hate on this game. They tried, alright? And the game itself isn’t that bad. You’re all obsessing over the things that AREN’T in the game, when you should talk about the things that are actuallly there.

Damian Martinez says:

its just like minecraft craft build survive

El Nashex says:

It makes me sad the fact that you need a NASA pc to run the game in 30fps

...The GriM ReapeR ... says:

More like No Woman’s sky ..

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