New STAR WARS Games Trailer Reveal E3 2016

New STAR WARS Games Reveals E3 2016

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mage005 says:

The game was a failure, most of the content is only available online with a strong internet

Wolf Wilson says:

I want to see a star wars game that’s not battle front that I can play with friend and go out in the star wars Universe planet to planet and have a fun time do that

Shadowfox says:

Fuck EA!!! the fact we have to go back and play Jedi academy and battlefront 2 and kotar because Ea is not doing shit with the franchise

Justin Freimann says:

I just want a new good Star wars Battlefront 🙁
Didn´t work with the first one

Noxlight says:


Jon says:

EA if you ever come around to reading my comment please just make a game like Star Wars Galaxies the MMO from i think 2002 or 2003. That game had everything that any starwars person loves. 100% custom builds, you could be a rifleman + melee brawler. YOu had 250 points to allot to any skill tress you wanted. you could be a doctor or a combat medic or a politican (used to start player cities). Hell once you became force sensitive, you had to start dropping your non-force skills and start putting them towards force skills. At one point i was a rifleman with force healing and for powers. That kind of system of having a max of 250 points to allot anywhere completely puts the “skills tree” idea for generic builds to shame, complete shame.

Also, they had like 10 different planets with different species and a banking system that let you deposit things on planets and currency you could carry. You could manipulate the planet literally by placing a house anywhere outside the game developed cities that allowed you to travel to other cities, otherwise you could drop a house on any planet. Every server was completely different from another one. You could make player cities that showed up on the map when you opened the planet map which was amazing!!!!! These kind of games don’t exist anymore b/c people are lazy or just lost their creativity. I hope your future games are less like they are now and more like how they were before. If you could bring SWG online kind of creativity and have battlefront graphics i’d play that game for 10 years and spend all my money on that shit.

MrHenrik747 says:

Fuck battlefront

Connorninja says:

If they said they don’t wanna do the clone wars then why’d they say we want to add more eras

Fritz says:

Star Wars Battlefront 2015 is SHIT !

Emmanuel Leusink says:

make a game about the jedi..just for once

Gasssolo says:

We are working on bringing new planets, chara…JUST SAY IT. DLCs. SAY DLC.

aark 20 says:


AnglianPB says:

Jedi Knight IV and KOTOR III.
‘Nuff said.

aark 20 says:

I wander if they’re gunna go back to movie games at some point

Alex Lopez says:


jayce keffer says:

thought i was gonna watch a fucking trailer. not some bullshit video

the destruction pro says:

Make a sequel to knights of the old republic

ReCoil says:

00:41 – N7. Thumbs up.

Tony Saad says:

We all want KOTOR 3….

JH_99 says:

ea r gunna ruin it somehow

Wolf Wilson says:

also j like to see it in Xbox one

ThinkDifferent12 says:

I reaaaalllly hope vader makes it in

Aidan McDonough says:

Congratulations everyone you’re being led on by the faggots at ea. They’re not gonna make anything good of the Star Wars franchise. They disgraced it with battlefront and they only see opportunity to make money now. There’s not gonna be a kotor 3. There’s not gonna be a new Star Wars rpg like kotor that let’s you form your own galaxy. Ea is content with ruining our lives. That is all

lekesssak says:

fuck of game-play first. jokers

xry says:

Star Wars online RPG settled in the Dark Times era..

ohhh ST says:

star citizen IS the NEW “star wars” horrible games like battelfront 2 is for me the end of SW

geronimo says:

oh the same people that made battlefront 3. ok so no reason to be hyped

hector martin says:

battlefront sucked ass the classics were way better

John Jordan says:

i want it to be a RPG it would be soooo good

John Mercado says:

a open world game that you can travel around the galaxy while the clone wars takes place, and visit diffrent types of planets while they are under siege or a massive space battle in the planet orbit that the player can take part in.

Theonidas wreckamolis says:

If they were going to bring me my star wars fantasy than that would simply be. KOTOR 3

dagoelius says:

The less cutscenes (aka promo cv for hollywood execs) the better.

Gage Sweeney says:

give me a rpg where i can eithet be a jedi or sith or rebel or bounty hungerand can customize my character backstory all of that including making my own custome lightsaber. make it open world or open universe but all set to a story with side missions and buying ships. whatever kind of character you choose effects the planet you start at the missions you take on and the ending. theres literally so many things that could be done. im not gonna go on and on cause hopefully i can make this game. hire me!

hairline says:

jedah from rogue one wow isb agents vs dr ophra

JD Studios says:

Battlefront 2 will have a tfa era gameplay confirmed by a specific shiny look for it guys

kylekrb1 says:

Could star wars games possibly be in any worse hands

Extinct Vessel says:

i want star wars the knights of ht old republic 3 and star wars republic commando 2

maestro93 says:

I want a GTA in Coruscant!!

Daniel Fitzpatrick says:

I want a star wars game that is basically shadow of mordor but with you as a rebel/bounty hunter and the empire as the orcs. I think that would be really awesome

SolarDragon007 says:

They’re going to fuck this up. Don’t set yourselves up for heartbreak.

Hubert Klepczyński says:

Only game i would like to get is a game like jedi knight jedi academy

DragONheart27X says:

I’m just super stoked what Motive, Visceral and Respawn is doing. They got Jade Raymond (Assassin’s Creed), Amy Hennig (Uncharted) and Stig from God of War at the helms. You know it’s bound to be good.

TheMarker2015 L.S says:

It’s a shame Bethesda got sued for making a Star Wars role play, they got the right idea…. These games will probably be shocking :/

Gage Dunn says:

kotor 3 on ps4, pc, and, xbox 1 please if not for the love of God do it for the love of the fans but make it right take time needed to make in impact who agrees

Extinct Vessel says:

such bullcrap

Timothy Farrell says:

Give me my Star Wars 1313

aark 20 says:


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