NEW PVP ZOMBIES FPS! “Moving Hazard” PC Gameplay Steam Early Access

Players vs players vs zombies. Multiplayer mixed with Black Ops 2 Grief mixed with Dying Light! Early access gameplay. Want to see more gameplay and progression of Moving Hazard? Let me know in the comments!

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CaPtaiN 115 says:

dude is this free2play?

YisusWTF says:


apiece 0f t0ast says:

What does killing zombies do for you? It doesn’t look like there’s a point to killing them and they don’t look like they’re a threat either.

Oledole1337 says:

Do this game have pvp multiplayer?

Sgt. Hoffman says:

is that something like a cross of call of duty with dying light?

james Braddy says:

another shit fps shooter just like call of duty

Ben ny says:

looks like its gonna be another shitty pay2win game

Milca Santos says:

what is the game name

woesjj19 says:

woooaaaaaa i need more of this porn bro! * unzipping pants in progress *

Gabriel Dias says:

wtf,when he dies it plays the same sound when you die in half life 2

Shadow Heart says:

WHY COULD HTEY NOT SEPERATE THE PVP AND PVE.. i want the pve but not the frkn pvp

Jack Le says:

2:30 won’t let you down

ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

why is the game just bullshit

Eric wallach says:

looks dull

Rezque says:

Looks like Payday 2 😀

TheSmith Gaming says:

Play more please!

BlueBallz says:

are there a decent amount of weapons?

Mr slender2 says:

relaxing i love your vids, but youd be horrible in a real zombie apoclypse haha, you spray and pray alot one shot to the head on the zombies and then save your ammo for the player then go ham on him when you see him

Random Guy says:

Looks pretty damn good, might pick this up sometime

bassdrum2003 says:

i want more!

Whitefright says:

The zombies are just there for show

searching murphy says:

cool but the  jump is to short and the doors cannot be  openned and closed  🙁 …

Windows035 says:

reloading animations look like shit, not interested

RikoAzusa - says:

remove the zombies and this games gonna be fine

Scott D says:

they need more survival components such as crafting

Milca Santos says:

what is the game name

naraid18 says:

I really want to see more. Hopefully with updates and improved features also.

EnderCreeper Films says:

TheRelaxingEnd we love ya but wtf is dis it looks like bs copy of bo3 zombies and id rather play the culling

Cole O says:

Zombies are not fast enough and are to weak. And players have to much health

Mj_zombie210 says:

this game would be dope on the ps4

Amir Ali says:

This game is only for the epicness of the PC Master Race.

Deia SkullGames says:


DarkrailGaming says:

I want to see more Moving Hazard as it progresses. I know this game has potential and it’ll be fun watching you play it more. and I think it should be on consoles as well

WhyBother? says:

PvP Zombies FPS? Talk about how you kill each other in a zombie apocalypse? This game is terrible in my opinion right off the bat.

Thomas Kim says:

remove constant radar, only highlight when you shoot, it’s too casual

Kwyjibo O_o says:

Looks like a crappy version of CoD. And CoD is already crappy, so that’s saying something.

deuscool says:

another early acces generic and boring shooter

Giovanni Perez says:

this looks so fun

Justchilli19 The kyea says:

doesn’t seem like that bad of a game

Donald TrumpHan says:

1 mil sub please show your long penis

Adan Zepeda says:

reminds me of advanced warfare

Aaad A says:

link game

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