NEW MADDEN 17 GAMEPLAY!!! Most Authentic Football Game Ever?

Madden NFL 17 Authenticity Dev Diary details all of the ways Madden 17 will be the most authentic football game to date!

Credit to EA Sports:

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The game is set to release on August 23rd this year. As usual EA Access members on the Xbox One can try Madden NFL 17 before it’s released for a limited time as part of a Play First Trial, this is only on Xbox One.

EA will not be at E3 this year but will have their own function “EA Play” which we will be at to show you guys the newest features and gameplay from Madden 17, just like we did last year for the subs that have been with us from the beginning.


To help out during the run game, users can turn on the optional Threat Cone, which looks like last year’s Tackle Cone. Through this the game calculates the angle and distance of an oncoming defender, figures out the ball carrier’s special move ratings and what he’s good at, and prompts the player to push the appropriate button (like spin move, juke, stiff arm, etc.) at the right time.

Special moves also breakout into four categories. Sprint moves (R-trigger + special move) are fast moves that only work against one defender at a time. Standard moves (no modifying button + special move) are slower and work against multiple defenders. Precision moves (L-trigger + special move) are the slowest moves you can make, but can be used to fake out unlimited defenders. Finally, steerable moves (both triggers + special move) are the most controllable since you can point the direction you want to go in (although spins, jukes, back jukes, and trucks are not steerable).

Tackle Battles are also controlled by ratings this year. If you’re being gang tackled you have a short window to hit a specific button prompt to break out of the gang tackle. This was done automatically last year. Hitting the Tackle Battle button also applies to defenders making the tackle.


After years of trying, Madden 16’s physics finally brought more realism to the game’s hits and tackles. However, Dickson admits not everything on the field got converted to the new physics system, such as the football itself. Now he says the ball is in the “same universe” as the players.

For years the ball would snap to a player’s hand in a catch even though in the process the ball might be pulled through a defender. Now it will collide with body parts and be knocked out when appropriate.

Since the ball is reacting to more objects, there are more drops for receivers in traffic, and initiating a possession catch in traffic (and alternately not doing run-after-catch in traffic) is more important.

Since there is no scripting for the path of the ball, it bounces differently after tips. EA made new animations for reacting to tips, attempted and successful fumble recoveries, and knee/ankle/sliding catches. Also, the player models can move their arms better to track the ball.


The defenders’ gap awareness now means that offensive linemen must zone block defenders coming through those gaps. This is not only an added AI responsibility, but it also enables the creation of cutback lanes for running backs. It will be interesting to see how linemen respond to defenders attacking gaps, and whether identifying defenders on the edge and in space is something they can do this year.


EA is redoing players’ cleats and gloves, and offering new sleeve options.


Hector Mata says:

when does it come out

Matthew Hartley says:

How come we don’t get all of this on Xbox 360?
Pisses me off

Jesus Vala says:

What about penalties. Hardly any.

Fahiem Ahmadi says:

Looks like ea making strides.

imhellablaq says:

Madden = same game every year

Lebaron Bowdry says:

will it be able on all system

Marmiteman8767 says:

I’m from the UK I wanna play Madden but don’t understand the rules of NFL it all seems abit tactical.

Kevin Durant says:

Pc version pls

Pjeezy4 says:

Madden 17 my player should have cut sceens like 2k but more realistic like if your a qb you ask your wr to go to the field and practice make it realistic

NeckbeardOutlaw says:

Looks awesome!!!GO PACK GO!!!!!

MVP Gaming says:

Can’t wait for this years roster update

Beau Man says:

I really like that they’ll change the commentary cuz I get really tired of hearing the same 10 lines and they stupid one at the end of the game where it’s like “from you in the booth you had to enjoy this game and this all about you mentality” I forgot how it goes but it’s fucking annoying lol

Tman Terrible says:

are all these features on 360 and ps3 too

Jerzyslugga says:

man I wished they had madden for pc smh

Ayy O says:


Damion Hood says:

thx u thx u for this video I’m glad I subcribed yesterday. the best video and the most exciting video for Madden players

thuglifezeem716 says:

Why does it look like the same game there graphics haven’t been all that you’d think they’d update it .. And they have needed throwing motions and running styles for many years .. They’re just lazy man they’re forcing us to buy this shit

SilverSpoonsuploader says:

football and video games have needed help since xbox 360 which was in 2005 NFL 2k series needs to make its presence known

I mean Madden has absolutely no competition whatsoever. It has looked bad for years.

Ace P says:


jeff says:

need to work on crowd same crowd every game

Tim Heath says:

So is it just me or do the linemen all still look like they are linebackers. None of them look like they have a gut or weight over 300 pounds. How does this slip by them year after year. You have pot roast looking like he’s got a six pack.

Alex Cantor says:

New commentary content every week? Wow

CruzacsVoice says:

They claim Most Authentic, best Ever every year, and have left players disappointed ever since the introduction of ‘Connected Franchise’ Might as well pull the plug and call this MUT 17.

OMEGA-P _74 says:

SMH. They should have been doing updated Commentary like this 2 yrs ago. Because it got old after 1st week of playing the game.

walter pierce says:

spamming lol don’t make you cool

Rich Rise says:

I want adjustments for certain formations and against certain formations. I want to be able to move a slot corner to free safety when there’s no slot corner in the formation and then back to free safety in base formations (think Tyrann Mathieu). And I want to math up corners and linebackers to cover certain players. If a team’s moving its top wideout to different positions, I should be able to lineup my best corner to cover him. Or if my top corner’s bigger and stronger, I should be able to put him on my opponent’s #2 & switch my faster corner to his number 1 if he’s a deep burner. And I want to be able to change what linebackers are playing out there quickly and automatically each play based on matchups. If Chris Ivory’s back there, I’ll put my run stoppers out, while if Matt Forte’s in the backfield, I’ll put a better coverage linebacker out there. Come on Madden. These are such simple additions that would change the game and should be in the game. It’s ridiculous that after years of new games that are so similar, you can’t make basic matchups and adjustments based on your opponent’s formations without changing your personnel every play. Please fix this. We would all greatly appreciate it.

Game Hood says:

How is Madden 17 designs, controls, and features like on PS3?

GrampaGamers says:

Sounds like a home depo commercial

ItsZak says:

People are going to bitch about it and still buy the game

Dig Bick Madaio says:

So they still dont have Odell’s facemask?

Jimmy Jarrett says:

Most authentic by EASports, that’s the key. Still crap.

Andrew Duzan says:

I hope your correct about blocking filed goals and extra points about time, id love to have the challenge to block kickers 🙂

Drealyn says:

Y’all still worried about some damn equipment when players (not ball carriers) still move like synchronized robots?!

Collapsed Gaming says:

Great video! If you get a chance check out my channel and sub if you like it. I’ll do the same. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Spoken Playz says:

Can’t wait to see how booming the Seattle Seahawks defense is

Shannon Gibson says:


Brion Stringfellow says:

that’s not fair the run game will be to easy now they telling you what the fuck to do this is ass

Gina Jones says:

Madden has always hyped this stuff up every year with new features but fail as always

JimmyLBass says:

Why does the camera look so different from behind the running back in this video but when you watch the annoying youtubers screaming over footage everything looks the same as it always has? Not just trolling. I am genuinely disappointed. I saw this video a while ago and thought it looked cool and different. Now you google “Madden 17 gameplay” it looks the same as always (unless you are really into Madden and play it every single year and notice AI tweaks and shit like that). Probably going to pass on this after all.

Dylan says:

I want them to be like nba 2k and put in classic teams to play with

Austin Luepkes says:

The only reason to buy new madden games is just for the new Mut/Draft Champions Players

Alan Moore says:

Madden football needs to have the option to turn off sim to next play in season mode.WHERE ARE THE CHEERLEADERS IN FOOTBALL TODAY?

Patrick Wise says:

Anyone looking for a competitive franchise league on PS4, let me know asap, only 3 teams left

Camden Hathaway says:

I think the football could be better it should be like the Madden 25 football

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