New Laws + Structures | Atomic Society Post Apocalyptic City Builder Gameplay | EP3

Atomic Society Let’s Play Gameplay | Post Apocalyptic City Builder | First look EP1. Construct and rule your own post-apocalyptic city. Judge the lives of the people under you. Set the laws people live by. Be cruel or kind and learn how to survive.

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DeathNinja9K :D says:

I always love the apocalypse

Ethan loxton says:


KYE Creations says:

Maybe you need Medicine in stock to treat people in the Hospital +GameEdged

Mayor Wade says:

The town def growing. Good job sir. Thanks for sharing. And keep it going

Kyle Fisher says:

look at u GameEdged, your successfully running ur own town congrats

alilxmas says:

If you like this style (as I do) you might give a look at a game called Kenshi (on steam) – just a thought

Rita Rouse says:

awesome episode is that statue going to be of muffin ? 🙂 your peeps need some thing pretty to look at rather those dead body’s

Gianluca Borg says:

Yes, love this series. Grim dark eh! 2 questions, are there enemies and can you rehabilitate the world?

IIJarpp1II says:

this is such a fun game, i just pick it up early this week! 🙂 i made the same law that executes all murders and there were 3 people that got hanged and all 3 were innocents 😮

Squeeker Radio says:

Good game but i think $15 is a tad over priced for a pre alpha game.

Angelia Goode says:

Have you never seen the movie Poltergeist? You don’t wanna build on top of dead bodies, it’s not good for your health LOL.

Actually you did have one person executed, but they were innocent. Of course I’ve never seen any guilty people executed. I get the feeling either they never tell you when the guilty are executed or the game devs are trying to send a political message about the dangers of capitol punishment.

You should convert that 1st building you salvaged into housing, you need a lot of that for 115 people, with the basic shack only holding 10 you need a minimum of 11 houses, the other two only hold 5 so you’d need 23 of them.

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